Why We’re Obsessed With Palm Springs

Joe and I are obsessed with Palm Springs. We pretty much go every other month. So after staying at over a couple dozen hotels, I thought it was time to make a video that showcases some of the unique things Palm Springs has to offer.

I made this video as more of an artistic, scenery focused vibe but let me explain all the clips a little bit.

  1. Hotels. Palm Springs has some of the most beautiful and peaceful hotels and luxury fractional homes in California.
  2. Scenery. Especially the wide open spaces, windmills, and mountains with palm trees and cacti sprinkled throughout.
  3. Sunsets. This is kind of part of scenery, but they deserve their own category.
  4. The Living Desert. This zoo is so underrated! We got to feed giraffes, see kids ride camels, and learn about other animals. Go at night during the holiday season for the special lights show. You won’t regret it, promise.
  5. Helicopter rides with JOIRIDE! The best helicopter experience in the desert.

FUN FACT: Joe produced the music and that may or may not be my voice he used as a sample.

And the car is a Lexus LC 500 which Lexus was so nice to loan us for the week:) We LOVED this car and it’s a hybrid so we didn’t even have to stop for gas the whole trip out to Palm Springs and back to LA. Amazing mileage. Amazing engine. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a luxury car.

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why we're obsessed with palm springs