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I’ve been obsessed with Uber for the past 5 years – I don’t know what I would do without it. I take Uber to go out whether I’m in LA, NY, Miami or abroad. I take Uber to meetings or when I want to send some emails and don’t want to email/text and drive  – efficient, I know. I love Uber because the car quality is much better than cabs and you don’t have a sketchy human with a broken card machine yelling at you in another language that it’s your fault. I love Uber because you don’t have to hail a cab in the freezing New York Winter when you’re trying to look cute. I love Uber because you can plan your escape from a bad date/party/any situation by ordering your getaway car before you make a stealthy exit and there will be no awkward cab waiting. I love Uber because I can send a car to the airport through the app for my sister if she has an early flight and I don’t want to wake up that early to pick her up. I’m literally obsessed. So obsessed I became an Uber VIP last year which is the equivalent to Sephora VIP status – it’s a reminder that you are obsessed with them and that they appreciate your money. And yes I am a proud Uber VIP member because Uber keeps me safe and makes my daily travels more convenient.

Last week Uber paired me with one of the woman who makes up the less than 1% of Uber female driver-partners. I had the opportunity to hear her story and talk  about what it’s like driving with Uber and how her life has changed from this app. And now I get to share that story with all of you.

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I called on Saturday morning to make plans on where we could meet and decided that it would be a fun adventure to go check out the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum because my Grandpa has taught me to have an appreciation for classic cars due to the fact that he has a small vintage car collection himself. This place intrigued me and I was not disappointed. In fact, it made me realize that I 100% need a convertible Gatsby car so I can drive around like a classic Italian lady OG with my silk scarf blowing in the wind like a boss.

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We met at 11 AM the following Tuesday – took a walk around the museum and then chatted in her car for about an hour, but honestly I could have hung out with her for days. She had endless stories of people she had met and local gems she had discovered. I left with such a great feeling – she was just such an awesome human being with amazing charisma – one of the Uber driver-partners you remember forever.

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Her name is Jennifer Johnson and she lives in West Palm Beach with her husband. Her son has gone off to college which means home is a bit of an empty nest so she has been driving part-time with Uber for about 2 years now and is absolutely in love with it. Uber allows her to be her own boss, accept ride requests when she wants, meet new people in her city as well as visitors from all over the world and discover new places while doing so. Once the trip is over she sees how much $$$ she made that trip and is on to the next Uber rider.

I love meeting independent women who do things because they enjoy them. Jennifer absolutely loves driving with Uber and says she has yet to have a bad experience. You see, Uber allows you to rate your driver but it also allows the driver to rate you. So if someone shouldn’t be getting into Uber cars then they will be removed from the system and not allowed to use the app anymore. On the other side – the drivers are not allowed to have any bad driving records and are fully vetted before they are able to sign up. This keeps Uber partner-drivers safe as well as the Uber riders.

Some of the best parts about being a woman Uber driver-partner is the flexibility and earning potential – you make what you drive so you can work whenever you want, for how long or short you want – it’s your schedule and no one is your boss. With the freedom to drive whenever and wherever you want, Uber puts you in the drivers seat of your schedule.

Let’s go on more adventures and explore the world.

If you want to try something new and exciting this year – sign up for this incredible and rewarding experience and become a partner with Uber.

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“Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our app, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers.”

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Uber has over 1 million drivers, is in 60 countries, 300 cities, millions of riders.

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