City Hall was a pretty sight to see. The ornate architecture was impressive and the whole surrounding area was so quiet yet quaint. A lot of history behind this city – I loved it.

Morgan’s Pier was a really cute area. This bar had the BEST watermelon beer drink and roasted cauliflower. Even if you aren’t a big veggie eater I think you would like theirs. And that may sound like a weird combo but trust me – it was delish.

Jacket and shorts by GentlefawnShirt by One Teaspoon; Sunnies by Shauns; Bag by Elliott Lucca; Shoes by Converse.

This outfit was the perfect for traveling and exploring. This Gentlefawn jacket is my new favorite – definitely a keeper. And I feel like an American flag tee is always appropriate. Right? ‘Murica.

Dinner at R2L was amazing. The view is incredible and the interior decor was eclectic and cool. Another spot I would definitely recommend.

Elevator selfies. This is what I post on Snapchat. Add me – @amynicole134

The Absinthe Minded drink – I wasn’t really a fan but if you like black licorice then this drink is for you boo.

Dress by Chaiken, shoes by Aroche.

Photo by Kevin Lu-Instagram @sweatengine.

 This Chaiken dress was an easy throw on for a fun night. It’s a simple and chic piece that is perfect for many occasions. Chaiken uses such high quality fabric which I LOVE and their pieces are all so elegant. Love them. Shop them. Here.

After dinner we went to a gay burlesque show which was AMAZING. I love experiencing new things and this was awesome. If you are ever in Philly check out Tabu for a fun and friendly time. Bring them bills yo. Bands a make her dance.

Here is one of my favorite photos Kevin took. He was my second favorite after the one that stripped to The Weeknd. Respect girl. Respect.

First stop of the day was Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell center. ‘Murica.

Top and shorts by Gentlefawn; Shoes by Elliott Lucca; Jacket by K-WAY; Bracelet by Ladyfied Vintage

Next stop – Chinatown – which was fun and I bought a lot of unnecessary objects… Except I did put that huge fan on my wall so it wasn’t a completely aimless buy. I like to check out the Chinatown in every new city I go to – San Francisco’s still takes the cake by far BUT there was a really good Thai place? I think that counts for something.

This is the view from the Loewe building by City Hall – gorgeous.

This is Philly’s Macy’s…Coolest Macy’s I’ve ever seen. Woah.

Green Eggs Cafe is the best brunch spot in town. I went to check in on my phone and I guess it is known as the “Gaybourhood.” It was pretty much like a West Village in Philly – so naturally it was my favorite.

My participation in the #WHPicecream on Instagram. If you don’t already participate with the weekend hashtag projects that Instagram hosts then you should! It’s really fun and it encourages you to be creative. Try it this weekend:)

Reading Market Terminal – it was like Chelsea Market on crack. SO GOOD. I suggest going in the morning when it isn’t so busy and you can skip down the aisles. And try their coffee –

The famous Thinking Man statue.

And of course the Rocky statue.

Long live Rocky. And A$AP Rocky.

Rocky’s steps.

Dress by Gentlefawn; Necklace by Ladyfied

Photos by Kevin Lu from @sweatengine.

Kevin and I toasting to gay marriage! Sponsored by Skyy Vodka. #gbf

After a long day of exploring, Kevin and I went to dinner at Barbuzzo which is a really good Mediterranean spot with extremely good looking cooks working in their open kitchen…All my single ladies – I recommend you sit at the bar. The spot in general is just a really cool and younger vibe. Loved it. We had some great conversations with the cooks and then they made the most amazing and healthy food for us. After dinner we went to some bars around Penn State which was cool too – they are really into smoking bars which was something different than your average NY bars.

PS. It is not always sunny in Philadelphia. But it is full of fun activities and interesting history. Experience it.

Inspiration of the day:

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

–John Homer Miller

Stay wanderlust.

Song of the day: “Plenty Money” by Plies

 Inspiration of the day:

“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.”

— Brian Tracy

Song of the day: “Goldroom” featuring Chela Fifteen (Oxford Remix)