Jumper: Minkpink Vintage Chanel: Bella Bag Shades: Shauns California Jacket: Big Park

Touch down in London and Zhi and I go straight to Harrods to have lunch at Lauderee with Tasha, the International Public Relations Manager. (Obsessed with her). What an unforgettable experience. My first time to London and I get a tour of the spectacular 6 story store. Literally an adult maze with something for everyone. I think I’m going to go back tomorrow. I tried to soak it all in but there was just so much. My ADD really kicked in. Oh pretty Celine, oh chocolate bunnies, I need this kitchenware, I want this couch, Zhi do you think I could paint this? The Egyptian escalators, the chocolate room, the book room, the Alexander McQueen umbrellas that we decided we needed asap. It was like my first experience at Disneyland, yeah that magical. I even signed up for a Harrod’s card…I never sign up for those. EVER. The history behind the store is endless and Tasha did the best showing us around. I want to move in.

After we spent hours exploring, getting lost and shopping we decided to go check out other shops along Oxford and meeting up with some of Zhi’s friends for coffee. I love that all the cafes here have heaters outside, so quaint and Euro. My jam.

Then we went back to Harrods to see how beautiful it was when lit up at night…so picturesque. Just look at it. Tasha said the best time to come is Christmas…I’m down. I told her I wished they still sold baby lions at the store and she said they used to sell baby elephants… Then I told her about my previous problems with adopting animals and we decided it was best I don’t have the temptation. From there we walked down the street to the Mandarin Hotel for drinks which were the best I have had here yet.

Then we ended the night by going out with our new friends (Boom Drake) James and Farzira to Experimental for some chill vibes, tasty drinks and London fun. My favorite part of the night was ending up at a Dim Sum restaurant in China Town and having 3 Singaporeans teach me how to properly eat dumplings… We could not stop laughing. Not because I was a mess trying to properly eat the dumplings (#whitegirl) but because we all started talking in hashtags. One of those nights you create a ton of inside jokes. I LOVE YOU LONDON, quite literally. (In English accent).

This editorial for Nylon Singapore is by far my favorite yet, can’t wait to share a little more with you guys tomorrow. Oh and follow @Lookbook on instagram because we are shooting their street style starting tomorrow. And don’t forget to follow Zhi- @zzhiwei and me @amy_marietta.

Oh yeah and happy Valentine’s Day lovers. And happy single awareness day others.