Bag: Gigi New York Sweatshirt: Cres. E Dim Shades: Shauns California

Photos by strangers because I was exploring solo. Don’t worry dad, I only asked innocent looking girls who appeared as if I could outrun them. (Pretty girls in heels.)

The famous Duomo. The most breathtaking building I have ever laid eyes on. Truly a piece of art-look at the ornate detailing. I could not stop taking photos.

So many designers in one place. The best window displays. Heaven.

This adorable Chinese man was making flowers and little creatures out of vegetables. I was so fascinated I sat there with him for about 2 minutes. Didn’t even need to say a word, just watched him craft these precious edible pieces.

Had lunch alone for the first time at Cafe De Ville on the strip by the Duomo. It was outdoor seating with heaters, wifi and a view of Castle Sforzesco. I ordered the veggie plate and it was delicious, highly recommend this with some chips or crisps as they call them. By the way I could not stop eating chocolates and coffee at every other cafe. Must have stopped around 4-5 times just to check out each unique cafe. Every spot was an experience and had a story to tell. Plus I really needed the caffeine after barely sleeping the entire trip.

Teatro Alla Scala


Had to go to at least 6 coffee shops before I found a place that served soya milk. Yes it is called soya there.

Piazza de Santa Maria Grazie which is where the painting of the Last Supper is.

Drinks and appetizers with my dear friends from Disaronno- Francesca and Nenad!

Navigli, the Williamsburg of Milan. Aka where the cool kids hang.

Had a night out on the town with the Early Morning crew. So much fun and I loved being surrounded by people speaking Italian. So beautiful and made me feel immersed into the culture.

Stopped by the Daniela Gregis show. She even walked in the show herself! You go grandma. Really cool collection full of bright colors.

Castle Sforzseco.

My last night in Milan I left for the Daniela Gregis show with about 10 euros in my bag. I didn’t realize I had forgotten my card at home…Guess that’s what happens when you change your purse everyday and lack sleep…Fashion week probs. So after cabbing to the show which cost me 8 euros I had no way of getting home besides walking…Couldn’t take out cash at an ATM, 2 euros wouldn’t even get me anywhere. Legit stranded. So I really got to use my Italian and asked every Italian which way to my hotel. The worst part of this was I walked by a gelato place and could not buy any…talk about torture. So finally after about 30 minutes I find my way home and I feel as if I have just won survivor. Then I took a cab and got my gelato. It was a great way to end my stay in Milan and I cannot wait to return. I LOVE YOU MILANO.


Ps. It’s my 22nd birthday and I just want to thank everyone in my life for being so supportive and amazing. There is nothing else I could ask for. Except more experiences with you and to make more awesome work. Cheers to collaborations and passion and love. I love you! Ps. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22. Let’s keep dancing.

Also check out my first article on L’Officiel Italia!!! I could not be more excited to be working with this publication. Read my interview with 3 of the coolest street style photographers in the game- Craig Arend from Models Off Duty and The New York Times, Miray Petrini from Style Tao and Harper’s Bazaar and Michel Dumler from On Abbot Kinney. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future articles I would love to hear them!

Inspiration of the day:

“If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.”
―Drew Barrymore