Island hopping the Virgin Islands video created by Amy Marietta and Joe Hodges

Island hopping the Virgin Islands in 1 day is an adventure I urge you to embark on. It may seem confusing or impossible, but it is the best way to see all the US and British Virgin islands. Let me explain…

The most convenient, time and cost efficient way, to see all 8 major islands, is to charter a boat with a captain for a day or two depending on how big your group is and what your interests are. Personally, I like to see as much as I can, and then after getting a quick feel for the land, decide if we want to stay for a bit and explore more, or keep on moving.

Originally, I did a TON of research on how to bounce around the islands and I thought I would figure out the ferry schedules. Unfortunately, the ferry schedules are not reliable, nor time efficient so let me tell you while you’re ahead… SKIP THE FERRY SYSTEM and charter a boat. The price comes out to be the same, if not cheaper and you will have a MUCH better time letting someone else, aka your captain, figure out the logistics of customs and how to map out your day. Trust.

*Important tip*

When booking a boat it is v important to charter a motor boat and NOT a sail boat, unless you are looking to spend over a week in the Virgin Islands. Sailing just isn’t time or cost efficient when you are trying to cover a lot of ground in a short time span, so stick to the high tech boats with motors.

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