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How to Make the Most of a Music Festival

Music festivals take a lot of planning if you want the experience to run smoothly. It is something you have to prepare for with friends at least a month in advance but it’s totally worth it because you’ll remember the experience forever. Since Coachella is coming up along with music festival season, I thought this guide would be helpful for you:)

To prevent this from happening, especially if it is your first time attending a major music festival, I have compiled a list of the best tips to consider to make the most out of a music festival.

How to Make the Most of a Music Festival

1. Figure out accommodation

Depending on the festival you’re attending, you need to figure out where you will be spending the nights and/or where you can rush to have a quick nap as you re-energize. You don’t want to learn this the hard way, as some people have in the past – as there will always be difficulties if you do not get a good place to stay during the festival. I recommend checking out the hotels, Airbnbs, etc.

2. Have a rendezvous point for friends

It is very easy to get lost in a major music festival. In some cases, an extra drink might make you lose your sense of direction, so getting to an exact point might be hard. Furthermore, your phone might go off due to a low battery, and your crew is lost somewhere between the crowds.

The ideal choice you should make is to have a rendezvous point where you will be meeting with your friends, in case you lose each other at some point. For events such as the Australian music festivalmeeting at one end of the field or somewhere near the main stage creates a perfect spot.

3. Know the rules

Every music festival has its own rules which every attendee must adhere to; otherwise, there will be chaos all over. Go through the festival’s website and check for some of the rules posted. If they allow you to attend with your food and drinks, then take them as this will eventually save you tons of money. Some other festivals do not let people show up with their pets.

To avoid surprises, it is good to have all the rules understood, and if the website is unclear concerning them, you may have to reach out and seek clarification.

4. Bring cash for emergencies

You never know when you’ll need cash so it’s smart to always have some cash on hand at music festivals and life in general honestly. You’ll need money for food, drinks, souvenirs, transportation, etc.

5. Keep yourself comfortable

To ensure that you get the most out of a music festival, you have to consider your comfort. If you will be partying during the day – make sure that you apply sunblock. High heels are a no-no, pack comfortable shoes that you know won’t cause blisters.

You should expect lively concerts such as the Australian music festival to be full of life, that you will just find yourself dancing and screaming your lungs out. This is why you should get very comfortable clothing and shoes, and any other materials to aid you during your stay.