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johnny was clothing I’m dedicating this entry to Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles, California.

Doing it for the culture. 

Photos by Ally Seracki on a rooftop on Fairfax / Top by Johnny Was / Scarf by A.M.

Yes, I fell in love with, and on, Fairfax. I’ll save the love story for another time, but I do want to share with you my favorite things about living on Fairfax and the places worth visiting. (These photos were taken on a the best rooftop on Fairfax which I’m keeping a secret but it is by far my favorite place. And also here’s a earthy tone outfit for ya – credits above. xx)

Between Melrose and Beverly on Fairfax Ave, you will feel as though you have entered Tumblr 3D with the skater kids in their newest streetwear ‘fits and the plethora of palm trees lining the street.

This is the stretch where you will find Supreme nestled in between old Jewish bookstores and deli’s like Canter’s that have been here since 1931.  Orthodox men sharing a sidewalk with skateboarders. The contrast of old-world Judaica mixed with new culture. A place in LA where it feels like there is a sense of comradery. On Fairfax you will see young people lined along the street for the new Jordans coming out at Flight Club, or for the Big Sean appearance at The Hundreds on Rosewood, or outside the hip-hop bar The Dark Room.

Although I do not typically shop on Fairfax because the lines, I do love the unpretentious restaurant scene here. It’s hip and new with unique spots popping up consistently. My personal favorite is PCP LA. PCP stands for Paramount Coffee Project and it is the ultimate low-key and delicious place for breakfast and strong coffee… STRONG. One of the beautiful things about Fairfax is that you see people of all ages here. Jon & Vinny’s is a bomb Italian restaurant that attracts people from all over and is usually booked days in advance so make sure to make a res… Honestly, after living in NYC for 5 years, I wanted to get a place somewhere in LA where I wouldn’t feel totally isolated and could easily walk to places. And I found that here on Fairfax.

Fairfax is like NYC with Palm Trees.

However, recently I’ve noticed that some new stores that don’t belong on Fairfax have started moving in, like the Toni & Guy salon moving in on the corner of Rosewood and Fairfax. Corporate companies are willing to pay whatever to get in on the “cool factor” and I just hope Fairfax is able to keep it’s soul. So dear Toni & Guy, please do not move in – your branding and product sucks and I can guarantee you won’t stay open for more than 2 years tops.

Love you Fairfax. Stay soulful.


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