Once upon a time, on the legendary TV series – Parks and Recreation – a brilliant woman named Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler irl – my hero) coined a holiday the day before Valentine’s Day. It is called Galentine’s Day and it is literally one of the best days of the year where you celebrate with your best gal friends because hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, ovaries before brovaries.

I have quite a few Galentine’s to be honest as I think we all should because women are amazing and empowering beings that run the world and you need a plethora of them in your life. Spoil yourselves this Galentine’s Day and go treat yo selves to a fun girl’s night out at a karaoke bar or dinner and (lots of) wine night in to sing, dance and talk about everything. And if you aren’t in the same place as your Galentines – send some flowers, chocolates, sexy lingerie or jewelry to spread the love and show your babes you appreciate them for being so supportive in everything you do but also honest when you have horrible ideas.

To celebrate this glorious holiday I partnered with Jewelry TV and I am hosting a giveaway for these beautiful earrings pictured below. They are 2.5 carat Blue Topaz with Small White Diamond accents Embedded in these Silver Stud Earrings and they are marvelous dahhhling.

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I am sending a pair of these gems to my two little sisters – Danielle & Marissa aka Dani & Rissy. Dani is 20 – studying accounting in North Carolina and Rissy is 18 – studying film in Chicago. We grew up in sunny California and I love them more than anything. I love them more than dirty men love Tinder on Valentine’s Day. I love them more than Paula Deen loves butter. I love them more than Donald Trump loves toupees. My sisters are the real MVPs because they answer every text, call, Instagram DM, Facebook message, tweet and whatever other forms of communication exist – we are always there for each other – every day – and I want to let you beauties know that I love you and appreciate you for always being supportive, honest and hilarious. You really make my life so much more amazing and I hope/know the feeling is mutual;) And that is why you are my Galentines.I love  you.

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