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As an avid airline passenger, weaving your way through the crowded spaces of Heathrow Airport is a challenging process on its own. Also count the fact that London’s congested roads create tons of problems, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a ruined vacation. Thankfully, with a touch of preparedness and a hint of patience, going through everything that involves Heathrow will seem like a stroll on the catwalk.


Heathrow Airport hosts an average of over 190,000 passengers everyday, making it the busiest aviation hub in the UK. Consider that massive number and you can already imagine how hard it is to get to the airport from your home or hotel. Everyone should know by now that giving a considerable amount of travel time to the airport is always the best bet. But the other side of the coin adds a different – and often overlooked – facet to the equation: airport parking.

Day3Outfits0111Day3Outfits008IMG_0605-1024x1024Making it to the airport is already winning half the battle, finding a suitable parking spot will feel like an unbelievable achievement if you haven’t already reserved one. There’s a multitude of parking options available at Heathrow so it’s best to research ahead of time and choose the one that best suits your requirements. For your reference, Parking4Less lists these in four different categories which include on-airport, off-airport, meet and greet, and airport hotel with parking. To put things in perspective, a week-long stay at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 without a reservation can set you back almost £200. But by booking a day or two in advance, the price can go down by up to 50%.

For travellers who seek to experience London’s classical charm for more than a week, think of getting an airport hotel with parking package. If a separate eight-day parking spot and an overnight stay would cost you £150, for instance, the same factors will only set you back £110 if booked together. You should also consider that some bundles include breakfast and will charge you a little extra for it.


Photos above by Zhi Wei from our coverage on London Fashion Week for Nylon Singapore a couple years ago. Read more here and here.

Once you’ve sorted out all these things, the rest becomes elementary and automatic. From shopping at the many fashion boutiques to satisfying your taste buds at topnotch restaurants, and amidst all the craziness involved, you’ll always enjoy your stay at London’s Heathrow Airport as long as you come in ready.


1024px-TerminalFiveAirportHeathrowAugust2012Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org