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Dress and bag: Wallis Fashion/Shoes: Paul & Joe/ Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware/Ram Ring: Jenny Bird/Seahorse Ring: Verameat/Crystal bracelet: Torchlight

Photos by Marissa Marietta

Being back in LA for a bit has been nothing but amazing. The sunshine, beach, chill people, family, my pups, organic cuisine, living in a house vs. apartment… It makes me want to stay a while. So I am:) Above are photos from the day I went to the Griffith Observatory and enjoyed this amazing view and learned a little about the solar system and science. It’s one of those beautiful yet interesting places. Although I didn’t hike here this time in my pretty girly dress, I definitely will be returning soon with my sisters and pups.

This colorful dress from Wallis is the perfect Summer dress for many occasions-weddings, tea parties, family events or just to wear around town like I did. I swear wearing brighter colors and prints makes you smile more, it can’t be just me. And this beautiful bag with the cutout design is great for everyday use and you can fit EVERTHING you ever needed in life in there. Love me some spacious bags. And lastly can we talk about Paul & Joe? These shoes on my feet are the most beautifully crafted pieces, I consider them art. I want them all.


Live beautifully

Song of the day-“Euphoria” remix by Alex Moreno