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Top: Lil from Anthropologie Skirt: District Collection Shoes: PONS Avarcas Bag: Chanel Bracelets: Hermes and Vanessa Mooney

Top: Vintage Skirt: Helmut Lang Shoes: Zara Sunglasses: Celine Bag: Vintage

All photos taken by Jinna Yang from GreaseandGlamour.com. Check out the full feature here.

So Part Due. (2 for you who didn’t take Italian, psh). I kid, I kid. This series was clearly inspired by lace as you can tell. Lace has been a trend that has always stuck around in some form or another and I personally think it is the one of the best. Classic, chic, beautiful. It is what I like to call “the perfect combination of sexy and cute.” Yes I just stole a pickup line from Crazy, Stupid, Love to describe lace… Moving on, the first look is very simple and perfect for everyday. I actually wore this day to night, gasp. These Avarcas shoes are handmade and come all the way from Spain. Not going to lie I feel special and I am obsessed with them. They are the chicest form of a sandal I have yet to see and the leather quality is top of the line. Then on top I am wearing a simple silk shirt with lace detailing (matched the black lace to black shoes) and this skirt from District Collection is a new staple. I am really picky with skirts but this one is just a 10. And vintage Chanel, you are timelessly beautiful.

This second look is quite chic with the pencil skirt and beautiful silk top. Pencil skirts look amazing on pretty much every body type and I suggest you add one to your closet if you are a working girl. It makes you look like a BO$$ lady, am I right? I think yes. Then add the bold neck piece to accessorize yourself.

That is all.


Viviere Bella