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Don’t Get Caught In The Cold With These 6 Packing Tips For Winter Travel

6 Packing Tips For Travelling This Winter

Packing for any travel adventure can be a challenge, a huge pile of clothes, shoes, accessories plus more all to fit in a suitcase, but when it comes to packing for winter travel things can get a little more difficult. To help you pack successfully for your trip this winter check out these helpful tips to guide you along the way!

Capsule Wardrobe

The first piece of advice I would give when packing for winter travel is to put together a capsule wardrobe, saving you space in your luggage and time when choosing an outfit. To create your own capsule wardrobe all you need to do is to decide on your colour palette the piece together matching garments. This will allow you to get more wear out of a limited number of items by creating a selection of interchangeable and coordinated outfits.

Packing Cubes

To keep everything neat and organized within your luggage opt for packing cubes, or something similar. This way you can pack the cubes separate to your luggage meaning you can easily transport items from your cubes into your wardrobe. Another great benefit of using packing cubes is when you have worn your clothes, you can use one of the cubes as a laundry basket, saving you time when packing, and making the task of doing the laundry once you get home a breeze!

Wear The Heavies

Travel restrictions are tight when it comes to how much luggage you can take, and exceeding the allocated weight is likely to result in an unwanted expense. When packing for winter you will need far more items than you would for a summer vacation, like thick jumpers and heavy winter coats which when together begin to weigh quite a lot so if you aren’t careful you can quickly exceed your luggage allowance. To combat exceeding your weight limit with your bulky items, consider wearing the garments which are heaviest to travel in, as your luggage is weighed but your outfit is not.

Plenty Of Layers

To combat the cold you will need protection, as exposure to the winter elements can be fraught with danger if venturing to an extremely cold destination on a skiing trip. To combat the elements consider using layers to create a thermal barrier keeping you away from the cold as this will allow you to pack more lightweight items, opposed to packing a few very bulky and heavy coats.

Don’t Double Up

This one is simple but it’s a rule to live by. So many times, I have made the mistake of packing more than I need only to realise the things I should have packed never made it into the suitcase. As space is valuable each and every garment in there must have a purpose on your trip.

Comfy Outfit

Having many layers to protect you from the elements is great, you stay dry and can enjoy yourself without the cold biting at your extremities. One of the downfalls however is the weight, and sometimes the lack of movement throughout the day can become quite uncomfortable, so to ensure the time spent in the accommodation is always take my personalised hoodie and sweat pants that I purchased from Banana Moon Clothing so no matter how many layers or how long the day has been I have a comfy outfit for the evenings and downtime.