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 Jeans by Mavi Necklace: Deepa Gurnani; Shades: Triple Graces

Photos by Jinna Yang

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope you had a fun weekend – I definitely had a great first week back from California to say the least…It snowed so pretty Friday:))) It was glorious. Happy to be back in NYC for a bit with my frendsss. And let’s be real – I missed the New York hustle and energy. And Seamless and Uber and everything else that makes my life easier.

I love these Mavi jeans so so much – extremely comfortable and they are literally the perfect fit – new faves. I haven’t wore camo in so long but I love this top that I dressed up a bit with the Deepa Gurnani necklace – major statement piece.

That’s all folks – going to redecorate my apartment again;)

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Inspiration of the day:

“Choice, not chance, determines human destiny.”

— Robert W. Ellis

“My life is my message.”


One of my favorite quotes by Gandhi – make your life your message.

Be good people.


Song of the day: “Elastic Heart” by Sia

This music video is getting a lot of attention – a lot of negative unfortunately but I think it’s really interesting and intriguing. Maddie Ziegler is going to kill it – it takes a lot of self confidence to perform like that and I respect it. Shia is whatever – tries to hard in my opinion but nonetheless he did a good job in this video.