Oversized vintage t-shirts are a closet staple. They are versatile, timeless classics that can be worn almost anywhere with the right styling. Plus they’re comfortable enough to sleep in.

Rocking an oversized vintage t-shirt will make your style and outfit more uniquely you. Vintage t-shirts have so much character to them and are a great way to express yourself and interests. If you’re a Tupac or Biggie fan, or if you absolutely adore the Beatles – there’s a vintage tee for every legend out there. It doesn’t really matter if they are proper vintage, stole from your bf’s closet vintage, or new vintage – they can all be styled easily and you won’t have to try on a ton of outfits, destroying your room you just reorganized. This relaxed chic look is a walk in the park to master.

For this particular outfit below, I am wearing Joe’s vintage Harley t-shirt that I live in on weekends and wear often to the coffee shop while working on my laptop. It’s cozy and easy.

Below are my tips for styling oversized vintage t-shirts.

  1. Roll up the sleeves a bit so they aren’t so flat
  2. Pair the oversized vintage t-shirt with either bold pants or high waisted mom jeans
  3. Accessorize with a bandana and sunglasses
  4. Tie a flannel around your waist to show your shape a little more
  5. Finish the look with a pair of sneakers – specifically Converse – which always compliments the whole nostalgic, “I’m a retro kid” look

How to wear oversized vintage t-shirtsHow to wear oversized vintage t-shirts

Some other ways you can style oversized vintage t-shirts:

  • pairing it with a high waisted skirt
  • wear as a dress (if it’s long enough) and sneakers
  • tuck into high waisted jeans, and pair with a leather jacket, and black boots
  • pair with a mini skirt and chunky sunglasses
  • pair with a jean jacket and jeans shorts
  • wear with track pants and heels for a modern retro chic look

For images of some other oversized vintage t-shirt outfits, check out this article.How to wear oversized vintage t-shirtsHow to wear oversized vintage t-shirts

Harley Davidson Vintage T-Shirt

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