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A High-Waisted Bikini That's Actually Flattering - Maiyo Swimwear in Malibu, CaliforniaBikini: Maiyo / Silk Scarf – A.M. CLUB
A High-Waisted Bikini That's Actually Flattering - Amy MariettaMalibu Beach California bikini shoot
Malibu Beach CaliforniaA High waisted Bikini That's Actually FlatteringA High-Waisted Bikini That's Actually Flattering - Amy Marietta
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Malibu Beach California bikini shoot A High-Waisted Bikini That's Actually FlatteringA High-Waisted Bikini That’s Actually Flattering

Swimwear is tough. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so there aren’t many one size fits all pieces, especially when it comes to swimwear. Society’s definition or idea of the “ideal body” has changed like three times since I’ve been alive. From big boobs to Kim K’s tiny waist and huge ass to heroine chic to Victoria Secret abs – it’s just too much to keep up with. We don’t need to put that unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Life is too short to not love our bodies because we’re worried about how others perceive us. We just need to find pieces that make us feel comfortable and confident when we wear them.

That being said, my new favorite swimwear line is Maiyo for many reasons. 1. The cuts are all flattering and adjustable. 2. The quality is luxe. And 3. The attention to detail that this bohemian chic brand puts into their swimsuits makes it feel like it was really made with love.

This bikini top is my new favorite because I can throw some flowy, white pants on and boom – it’s the perfect outfit for shopping around Malibu. The bottoms also have crotchet detailing on them which makes your butt look even cuter. And if you want a swimmie that has more booty coverage – then girl, this cut is for you. So there you have it – a high-waisted bikini that’s actually flattering.

Side note, but important note: It’s 2018 and we need to talk about where our clothes come from more often. I want to inspire more people to stop buying cheap, low quality products from stores like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M. These types of stores are horrible for the environment and the people that run them only care about profits. They will do whatever it takes for extra cashflow, even if that means that the people actually making the pieces are mistreated and underpaid.

For more photos from this beautiful day in Malibu, check out this post.

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Photos by Carrie Rogers  in Malibu, California.

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