Outfit 1: Top: The Eight Senses / Pants: Metisu / Shoes: Mara & Mine / Scarf: A.M. Club
Outfit 2: Scarf: A.M Club
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I like to surround myself with creative people. Creatives love life in such a contagious way that can’t often be put into words.

It’s a lifestyle.


Creatives inspire creatives in the way they live their life, the work they create, the way they create, and through their energy.

Some may find it difficult to find other creatives that they can bounce ideas off of, collaborate with on projects, and grow with as a creative soul – which is why I wanted to write this post.


One of my strong suits is definitely networking –  I love meeting beautiful, open, creative minds and learning about all walks of life – it’s an addiction. I also love finding new platforms that are great for networking because you aren’t always going to be in the mood to go out and meet people – especially during NYC Winters or LA rainy days – I get it.


 Here are 3 of my favorite platforms to meet other like-minded creatives. And also a photo series I collaborated with @BukunmiGrace on a couple weeks ago.

Happy networking! Go make cool shit. <3 And follow me on the gram @amy_marietta for daily updates.


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1. BFrow

An online blogger community where you can discover and connect with other influencers. Primarily fashion, beauty, and lifestyle focused – the site serves as a platform to share your posts as well as find fashion, beauty, or lifestyle inspiration and interact with fellow bloggers.  BFrow was formed to help bloggers figure out what it is their readers enjoy, expand their reach, share content, and interact with other creatives. You can visit the site here www.bfrow.com.
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2. Instagram

You may just use Instagram to post your content, but use it as a networking tool. Use the DM box in a productive manner. If you find another creative in your area that you’d love to work on a project with – send them a quick message! You’d be surprised at how many people are open to it.

3. Mixer

An awesome phone app that they call “the private network for creatives.” You do have to apply to use this network but once you’re in you are connected to other leaders in the art, music, fashion and film industries and can talk through the app. Love how well curated this platform is!