Meditation apps can really make a difference, but which
products are best?

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Content creation, be it while visiting London or journeying to the Italian Alps, can be stressful at times. Likewise, the daily grind of a nine-to-five can wear people down. Other things in life can get in the way, too. Essentially, we all need to look after ourselves and find ways in which we can wind down and de-stress. A popular option for many these days is meditation, with some people turning to apps.

Of course, meditation apps aren’t the only option for people, but given the fact that they’re easily accessible using a tablet or a smartphone device, it certainly makes them a preference for many. For some, the option of reading a book or exercising alleviates stress. Likewise, for others, entertaining options like watching a stand-up comedy show or relaxing with nature in the Butterfly Staxx slot appeals. Meditation apps are the other common tool millions of people around the globe are discovering. In fact, intelligence firm Sensor Tower conducted research in 2020, which found that in the month of April alone, more than 10 million total downloads occurred in this particular space. Below is a look at some of the most popular meditation apps people are downloading right now.

Insight Timer

One of the biggest apps from this particular genre, Insight Timer comes with more than ten free guided meditations, which are added on a daily basis. It also has a back catalogue of thousands of meditations to help you establish a daily routine. On top of this, users can join discussion groups, make use of a range of community features, and even sample some of the app’s music tracks and ambient sounds to help create a peaceful environment and enable you to sleep more easily.


A hugely popular guided meditation app, Breethe features helpful tips and advice from an expert personal mindfulness coach. The coach provides inspirational talks, guided meditation classes, and helps you to find ways to get towards an all-around more peaceful mind. Breethe also features sleep music playlists, sounds of nature, and bedtime readings.


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Another widely-used app these days, Headspace offers guided meditation and mindfulness techniques for daytime use. A great aspect of the app is that it will put together personalized plans based on what you input into the app, allowing you to establish a routine that is specific to you and your needs. Headspace also boasts meditations around sleep, such as music to help you drift off and storytelling sleepcasts. Headspace doesn’t have a great reputation for no reason.

The Mindful Mamas App 

A favourite with mothers up and down the country, The Mindful Mamas App is the work of a licensed child, family, and school psychologist who wanted to provide mums with a way of relaxing and unwinding after a busy and potentially stressful day of being a mother. It comes with breathing techniques, mantras, visualisations, mini-pauses, and a whole lot more.

MyLife Meditation 

MyLife Meditation has risen up the meditation app rankings in recent times, particularly since it switched from its old name of ‘Stop, Breathe & Think’ to the name millions now know it as. A well-designed and easy to use product, it offers users recommendations based on their emotions. The app will establish exactly how you’re feeling and then offer a range of helpful tools from there, such as guided meditation sessions, yoga videos, and plenty more. Everything is essentially geared towards making you feel less anxious and stressed, while hopefully enabling you to sleep better too. MyLife Meditation is detailed, though, with a range of other useful features for users also.