Not only is Miami home to the most beautiful and tropical beaches in the US, but the culture is the most lively due to the high number of foreigners who have brought so much culture (and cocaine money) over the years. 

*Fun fact: Miami is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America” due to it’s high number of Spanish-speaking individuals.*

Before living in Miami part-time, my view of it’s overall aesthetic was tacky, tight dresses, metallic rarris – very illegal new money-vibes. Nothing like my previous homes – NYC and LA. (I used to be sheltered, naive, and uncultured). And although Miami is definitely nothing like New York or LA, Miami is by far my favorite place in the US to create content and stay inspired. The culture is warm, the weather is typically the same as your most desired Caribbean island destination, and there are endless things to experience. It’s the most alive and colorful city in the US.

I love Miami. I love the people. I love the lifestyle.

Miami is a creative’s paradise which is why I don’t understand how there aren’t more content creators, record labels, or media companies based here. No matter what creative medium or project, Miami is where I consistently create my best content and come up with my most genius ideas. Ahem, A.M. Club.

There are so many pros about Miami that make it the perfect creative haven. From the sunshine and healthy lifestyle to the large variety of aesthetics, adventures and cultures – you can really live in the moment and conceive great ideas that don’t feel forced. Plus, buying and renting is much cheaper than NY or LA so you can really live comfortably. AND there’s no state tax so it’s a great place to start a business.

Now I’m not saying that Miami doesn’t get any credit for being an emerging and thriving city, because we do get some love here and there during Art Basel and Swim Week, but it’s still underrated. I couldn’t care less about how many matcha bars are opening in LA or what pool parties everyone is getting blacked out at on a rooftop in NYC. But I do care about Wynwood and the artists that bring the walls to life – creating awareness. I care about the new Brickell City Centre with hundreds of new stores, restaurants and a dine-in movie theater – creating a community. I care about Faena’s new art center and everything they are doing to revamp Mid-Beach from their luxury hotel to the classy Living Room lounge – creating culture. I care about being able to actually jump in the ocean and jet-ski in my front yard or go out for a boat day with friends and family – creating adventures.

I care about creating memories, opportunities, inspiring others, and living life to the fullest with a heart full of love and happiness with those around me. And Miami is one of the best places to do that. <3

 I think a monthly creative and entrepreneur soiree is a genius idea. Do it for the culture. Who wants to start one with me?

I recently read this article on about Why Miami Influencers Might Be The Secret to Tapping International Consumers and I think this is a great start for getting Miami the recognition it deserves.

Anyways, here are a few outfits from a couple weeks ago in Miami and you can find the brands and where to buy them at the bottom. Thank you STATE BAGS for sponsoring this post – much appreciated. Muchas gracias.


Outfit 1: Swimsuit: Cantik Swimwear / Scarf: A.M. / Skirt: Re/Done Denim / Bag: Poolside Bags / Sunglasses: RAEN / Sunscreen: Supergoop

Outfit 2: Silver Backpack: STATE BAGS / Red Swimsuit: Salty Mermaid / Earrings: Sachin + Babi

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Why I Think Miami Is Underrated For Content Creators