Filmed and edited by Amy Marietta and Joe Hodges in Palm Springs, California.

As visual creatures, we associate places, themes, sounds and emotions together through different visual mediums and music. Videos can create an experience and inspire the culture, which is why I am striving to create more videos this year and broaden my creative aesthetic spectrum. I designed my brand, A.M. Club, with a bigger purpose in mind, other than providing you with the most unique, luxury silk items. I wanted to create a “club” or “community” where everyone with an open mind is welcome. A place for the passionate. A place to inspire. A place for you.

Issa lifestyle.

I hope this video inspires you to create ruthlessly, spread love abundantly, and embrace your feelings truthfully.

To travel lustfully, embrace your sexuality whole-heartedly, and live passionately.

Of course – I also wanted to show you some more ways to wear awesome silk pieces ;). 

a.m. club

Welcome to the club.

Check out A.M. Club’s most recent feature in Bloomberg Businessweek! Still smiling from this – so grateful!

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