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A mirror house in the middle of the desert… Pure genius.

Epic, unreal, just woahhh… right? Words cannot even begin to describe my excitement when I saw this Desert X art installation from a distance. I was squealing and squirming in my seat, ready to run inside this funhouse.

The ultimate Instagram destination art installation in California – “Mirage” – by filmmaker and artist Doug Aitken – has no address, just coordinates, which you can find on his website.

Like a human-scale lens, MIRAGE works to frame and distort the evolving world outside of it. Yet, from certain angles it disappears almost completely into the landscape it endlessly reflects.  The mix of nature and art is truly stunning.

There is no single time to view this work, as each variation provides something new: at night the distant lights refract to create a universe of stars; on a tranquil afternoon the sky is transformed into banks of blue fragmented by slices of magenta clouds. There is no fixed perspective or correct interpretation. Each experience of this living artwork will be unique and memorable.

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 @amy_marietta + @joe_hodges

PS. I do recommend going in the afternoon or early morning when it isn’t 115 degrees out… At least until they put a pool or river in. Now THAT would be even more epic.

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