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TBH, I’m usually in a hurry and behind schedule when getting dressed. But, let me tell you one of my biggest tips – monochrome matching. Usually when you hear monochrome – you think all black or grey head to toe – but it’s 2017 and you need to know the true definition.



mono·chrome: having or made up of one color or shades of one color.

So yes – monochrome means same color – just various hues. Could be pink, red or blue – just create a look that coordinates cohesively with the same color variants.

Lately I’ve been into olive green and also navy monochrome outfits. Mix it up – add different textures and accessories to make it you. Next time you’re shopping – maybe buy some matching two pieces to make it easier when you need an outfit you can count on.

Peace and love, babes.




Silk scarf: A.M. Club / Bomber jacket: Metisu / Bag: Ghurka 

Photos @joe_hodges