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How To Spend A Day In Beverly Hills

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photo by Gray Malin

A day in Beverly Hills is always a glamorous day. I’m talking about eating gourmet, shopping haute couture, and sipping Moët.

Throw on a chic outfit and some oversized sunglasses. If you’re a traveler and carrying a backpack, stash it with a luggage storage service in LA. You don’t want to lug around any bags.

Then, follow this ultimate guide to a day in Beverly Hills. It’s got the very best of the luxurious destination covered.

Breakfast: The Farm of Beverly Hills

Start the morning with a super-healthy brekkie at local fav, The Farm of Beverly Hills. Just off Rodeo Drive, this icon of the area serves American cuisine but at Hollywood-worthy levels. Inside, you’ll discover an elegant yet comfortable setting. But, if you can, choose a table on the outside patio to indulge in some celebrity spotting.

But what to order? Well, this is PT country, so eat like a local and opt for the organic acai bowl. On the side, order a Health-Ade organic kombucha. And finish the meal with an Egyptian chamomile tea (caffeine-free, of course). Once you’re done, you should be buzzing with all those vitamins and nutrients and ready to commence your day.

Morning Activity: Rodeo Drive

Next, it’s on to the heart of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, to spend the morning window shopping. Of course, this isn’t your local mall. Rodeo Drive is probably the most famous luxury shopping street in the world. It’s home to Gucci, Prada, Harry Winston, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and more.

Make a point of looking in the House of Bijan, which is said to be among the most expensive men’s stores in the world. I mean, a tie could set you back the best part of $1,000

You should also take a stroll down the Walk of Style, which houses Walk of Fame-esque plaques to the great and good of the fashion world. 

Coffee: Fountain Coffee Room

Your feet could probably do with a break. So my advice is to stop for a quick pick-me-up. Now, this is your special day in Beverly Hills, so I wouldn’t dream of guiding you to a generic coffee chain. Instead, head to Fountain Coffee Room to sip coffee with A-listers.

The elegant café, which has been serving the stars since 1949, is located inside The Beverly Hills Hotel. Its glamorous stylings pay tribute to the 1950s with guests dining around a central curved bar. Pull up a seat and get your order in. Then cast a covert eye over the other patrons… you never know which Hollywood legend might be there.

Lunch: Croft Alley

For lunch, keep it light at Croft Alley, an intimate eatery serving balanced, fresh meals. The Brighton Way store is reasonably priced, especially for Beverly Hills. It’s also known for its friendly wait staff – and don’t things taste much better when they’re served with a smile?

You’ll be pleased to hear that the menu is – mercifully – simple. It’s all recognizable dishes such as tuna melt, kale salad, and lettuce wraps. But just because you know what you’re ordering, doesn’t mean Croft Alley is basic. Far from it. The restaurant manages to take your mom’s recipes and elevate them to astronomic levels. Opt for the tuna melt – a customer fav – before finishing your meal with one of their exquisite desserts.

Afternoon Activity: Beverly Gardens Park

In the afternoon, it’s time to head to another icon of the city, Beverly Gardens Park. The beautifully manicured green space is home to several art sculptures, specialty gardens, and meandering paths. But your first stop is the famous Beverly Hills sign. Taking a photo by the 40-foot-long icon is a right of passage.

With that ticked off the list, it’s time to explore Beverly Gardens’ real treasures. First, enjoy wandering the cactus and rose gardens. Then, take a self-guided sculpture tour. Look out for Yayoi Kusama’s trippy tulips statue, Hymn to Life, and the 800-pound Peace and Love statue created by the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Dinner: Somni

With the day nearly over, it’s time to splash out. If you can – and you’ll need to reserve well ahead – book a table at Somni. Nestled within the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, the ultra-exclusive two-Michelin starred restaurant is taking fine dining to futuristic levels. On offer is a 20-course Spanish-inspired tasting menu. Each dish looks like a work of art… and doesn’t taste too bad either.

Securing a spot at Somni is nowhere near guaranteed. So, if you’d prefer to go elsewhere, head to Mastro’s, one of the finest steak joints in California. There you can enjoy elevated meat and veg using the best ingredients money can buy. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try Japanese A5 Wagyu, generally considered among the best beef in the world.


Finish your day in Beverly Hills at the £10 whisky bar. Situated on the second floor of the Montage hotel, £10 serves some of the finest whiskys in the world. Admittedly, for most people, this is going to be a place for a special occasion. A dram of 15-year-old fine oak whisky starts at $45. But then again, isn’t every day that you’re in Beverly Hills special?

If you’re not a whisky fan, order a hand-crafted cocktail instead. The Gimlet is made with Nolet’s Gin, lime juice, and simple syrup. Is there a better way to end a day in Beverly Hills?

After this action-packed experience living the high life, you’ll be ready to return to normality. Yes, Beverly Hills is super luxurious… but it’s also super pricey. Go in with that knowledge and you’ll have a fantastic time.