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Dress and kimono: Gentlefawn; Clutch: Blacksea NYC; Phone case: Boohoo; Bracelet: Coordinates Collection; Sunglasses: Shauns; Necklaces: Chanluu and Jacob & Co.

All photos by Zhi Wei 

Words cannot describe how much I am loving this sunshine in New York right now. It puts me in the best mood ever. Even the streets seem happier. I love wearing light colors like this ensemble and being able to skip around in mini dresses and sneakers with not a care in the world.

My favorite part of this outfit is the pop of blue from the clutch. Blacksea NYC is my new favorite designer for clutches. They have the BEST designs and really innovative styles where they mix and match different materials to make a perfect little masterpiece.

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Current inspiration:

Last night I saw The Fault in Our Stars and I cannot stop thinking about all the messages in the movie and I just have to share with you. First of all, you need to see it. Second of all, do not wear make up. Third of all, go during the day so it is acceptable to wear sunglasses upon leaving the theater. Don’t ask, just do.

Okay so what was so amazing about this movie? The acting was so raw and real and the character development just really made you feel that emotional connection. It wasn’t your typical love story with a happy, sappy ending, but it didn’t make you depressed either. It was just life as it is. The reality that sometimes pain happens but you can always get through it. Live and love as much as you can while you can and stop taking things for granted. Chose your loved ones wisely and spend time finding yourself and figuring out why you do what you do and what makes you genuinely happy. Stop complicating everything and just live. Life is beautiful.

Some of my favorite messages were to love deeply with one person rather than love widely. You do not need to focus on being a hero to many people, but if you change someone’s world that is enough. “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” type thing. Don’t get so distracted on trying to affect the world and becoming a legend that you ignore the close ones around you who genuinely care about you and love you. Quality not quantity.

Whatever you do-be passionate and full of love. Passion is the most desirable quality one can have. Passion is what gets us out of bed in the morning and love is what keeps us going. Take advantage of every single day and stop putting things off. It is a privilege to love even if you lose it-at least you loved for that time. Live and love.

And lastly donate to cancer research if you have the means because it is literally the worst thing in the world. The Make A Wish Foundation is my new favorite philanthropic organization that I want to focus on. Give back. Pay it forward. Love one another.



Song of the day: “Feel Again” by OneRepublic