Getting ready in the morning either goes two ways… You either nail your outfit on the first try, or you indecisively throw on and off outfits making your room a disaster right after you just reorganized and color coded your closet. At least that’s how I tend to be when I’m in a hurry to get ready, but I feel like we’ve all been there at one point or another.

Over the years, I’ve learned some life changing tricks to getting ready swiftly in the morning.

Some tips that changed my life and morning routine are planning my outfit the night before and lay it out, set 3 alarms just in case, quick shower to wake up, play music while getting ready, and obviously black coffee or green tea – depending on exactly how much extra pep I need.

The majority have the most difficulty when choosing their outfit, so I put together an easy, simple list of the top 7 black basics that will help streamline your morning routine.

Why all black you ask? Well love, not only is black timeless, chic, and the most flattering universally, but it is also the easiest to match and always an appropriate color. Whether headed to work, coffee with a friend, a Tinder date, morning meeting, or just running errands – black is always the best go to when choosing your wardrobe. Read on below to see my top picks for this Fall and leave a comment if you have any recommendations as well. xx

7 Black Basics For Fall


1. Black leather or vegan leather jacket

2. Black long sleeve top

3. Black flowy, yet fitted high waisted pants

4. Black flats or loafers

5. Black silk scarf

6. Black tint sunglasses

7. Black crossbody

7 Fall Black Basics7 Black Basics For Fall 7 Black Basics For Fall Venice Canals California - Amy Marietta7 Fall Black Basics7 Black Basics For Fall 7 Black Basics For Fall Red Sunnies - Amy Marietta Fashion Blog

Photos taken in the Venice Canals by Joe Hodges

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