5 Amazing House Plants That Can Actually Purify Your Home

Certainly it’s known that plants in the home beautify the premises; but did you know there is more value than simple aesthetic enhancement? As it turns out, you can actually find plants which make your home more healthy by purifying the air.

This, in many ways, is the ecological function of flora. They inhale C02 and other chemicals, metabolize them, and exhale healthy oxygen.

If you’ve got the right plants in your home, this can offset toxic chemicals in municipal atmospheres better than a lot of synthetic methods used for the purpose, like air filters. Following we’ll explore five air purifying plants to improve indoor air quality.

  1. English Ivy
    This is a well-known plant that’s often found in synthetic plant shops selling fake flora. Basically, this is a green-leafed vine with white spots. It’s a plant which can help reduce airborne “waste” particulates, making it ideal for bathrooms. You can put some in a pot and hang it, or carefully grow it like a vine along the wall; whatever makes the most sense. 
  2. Spider Plant: Re-Pot It
    Spider plants are pretty interesting. They look like a skinny-leafed fern, and have a similar coloration to English ivy. Basically, these plants will take up about six cubic feet (two wide, tall, and deep), and you can re-pot it by planting growths from the main plant in little pots, putting them elsewhere in the home, and husbanding them properly.

Spider plants filter a variety of toxins such as xylene or carbon monoxide from the air. Additionally, spider plant isn’t toxic to animals, so don’t worry if the cat jumps up on the coffee table and starts making that weird feline face they do when they decide to start chewing on a leaf randomly.

  1. Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is well known for its healing properties. The plant is used to make a compound which is often used as a lotion to assuage the pain of sunburns or other skin conditions. Additionally, when properly prepared, it can be adjusted. But what many don’t realize is that this “succulent” is excellent at purifying air from things like benzene or formaldehyde.

If you do a lot of wood or floor varnishing/finishing, Aloe Vera can help clear the air. Just be sure to put the plant in a sunny spot, and water it with appropriate regularity.

  1. Weeping Fig
    The Weeping Fig has been well known as a beatification plant which purifies the air since Victoria’s England. Xylene and Formaldehyde are diminished by this plant. It’s a bit fussy, and it prefers not to experience any change—much like the upper crust in Victorian England. You want it in a bright place where the light is indirect and there aren’t a lot of drafts.
  2. Chinese Evergreen
    Chinese Evergreen is tropical, and looks much like a fern. Similar to other entries on this list, it’s got a green and white coloration. Its leaves are broad, and it also cleanses from benzene and formaldehyde.

Additionally, it will clear the air from varying cosmetics or detergents. Chinese Evergreens don’t like strong light—they want something low, like what’s on a forest floor. Additionally, they want humidity. This is a perfect bathroom plant. If you’ve got it in a non-humid place, be careful that you regularly give it a watery, misty “spritz” to off-set degradation.

Balanced Living
When your home has the right plants in it, not only does it look better, the air is literally a cleaner, and everything feels more comfortable, therapeutic, and, for lack of a more appropriate word, “zen”. The best health comes from a body that regularly exercises, and gets the right food. Likewise, the best properties have healthy interiors.

Help your home bloom by finding plants which are known to purify the air, and placing them strategically throughout your premises. Using water spray bottles can help them grow, and it need not be terribly difficult. Find your favorite plants, set them, and water them every day. Your home will become an oasis in the city.