Dear Barbados, I love you. Your skin warming sunshine, more than welcoming and accommodating people with their Bajan accents, decadent food (shocking, I know), cute and curious creatures and beautiful resorts have me missing you already. It was 5 days of pure bliss. The perfect combination of exploring, relaxation, partying and adventures. It could not have been a better island experience. Let’s dance.

I didn’t know how to break up these entries originally so I am just going to separate them up by days and give you a tour sunrise to sunset around the island with random facts and experiences thrown in there.

Swimmie by Victoria’s Secret and his by Villebrequin

So the first day we went out on a boat, just the two of us and Brian. Brian Gibson- he is the man and I highly recommend him if you stay on the West Coast of the island by the Tamarind Hotel where we stayed- which I also highly recommend. And when I say “highly recommend” I’m serious, just do it and thank me later.

Here are some photos of the resort:

View from our porch.

My type of pool:)

The view…I know.

Okay back to the adventure. So Brian took us out to snorkel with the turtles, thousands of fishies and then we explored the sunken shipwreck. So calm and peaceful, you just get lost in the sea and the view of the island from the water was breathtaking. Definitely good for the mind, body and soul. Yes I am extremely intellectual from time to time. Weird, I know.

While we were out there for two hours Brian snapped some photos of us and emailed them to me later that night. How cool is that? These candid photos are prized possessions compared to those cheesy dolphin ones you get in Mexico or the Bahamas, you know? So editorial. (insert hair flip emoji). He was surprisingly a great photographer plus he let us use the camera down there. On top of all this greatness we had some Banks beer and Rum punch on board which was pretty sweet as well. In that moment there was not one more thing I could ask for. Completely content.

Bajan beer-Banks.

Fun Fact: The locals do not call themselves Barbadians (for obvious reasons-sounds like barbarians) but Bajans. Pronounced Bayjan.

Then we had a let lunch at Daphne’s and this sounds random but wow their olives are really on point.

Then later that night we explored 1st and 2nd street in Holetown and ate at The Mews. Such a quaint and cozy restaurant. I asked for the vegetarian menu and the owner came over and asked me to describe what I would like and then made me a special dish. Amazing. He seemed as if he were a younger retired man from Europe. Kind of living the life. Not mad at it.

Oh and if you feel like doing a little luxury shopping, they have that across the street as well with a bar in the middle. And no do not worry, the stores are not open at night so you will not make an purchases you can’t remember.

Guess what is in his mouth. Just guess…

Ganga. No lie. He said it calms her. And her name is Samara. As in Samara from the ring. Do you think they ever played that movie in Barbados? I hope not. Otherwise that is slightly disturbing.

Fish balls are really popular here. Ryan said they were eh.

I ordered some type of curry wrap. Curry seemed to be everywhere here. Not mad at it. Spice up your life.

Their choice of artwork is interesting…but hey I remembered it and always will so great job Priva. Bravo.

Priva…Priva I will always remember. Such a different experience of nightlife but so innocent and fun. A nice change from New York, LA and Miami. I love being able to go outside and enjoy the warm air and dance away the night. Literally not caring about a thing in the word. Feeling so young and free and inspired. It was perfect. When you learn to let go and not care about anyone’s judgments life is so much more awesome and you learn to be more creative and try new things. Oh what a night. Love love love. Let go and love.

We meet again little gremlin. I need a monkey. Someone help I am having a Justin Bieber moment.

Wrap skirt: Jordan Taylor Kimono: Goddess of Babylon Bag: Miss Mochila Shades: Tom Ford

I love this kimono by Goddess of Babylon. One of my favorite beach pieces because it goes with anything and has such versatility. Plus the quality is great which is extra important with beach wear. It’s one of those pieces that just makes you feel chic on the beach-which can be hard, I know girls.

The world is your oyster. Go make pearls.

If you get lucky, you get a Mercedes taxi. The range of taxis here is drastic. Range Rovers to vans.

Lunch at Sandy Lane. Love the marble floors. And flowers. And ornate mirrors. And view. And staff. And drinks. And food. And the displays of food. And the perfectly circular melons on our drinks.  And the Europeans surrounding us everywhere. And everything really. Gorgeous resort.

Duty free. Duh.

Dinner at The Cliff….Best dinner of the year. The food, staff and obviously the view were spectacular. We tried going here for lunch but they were fully booked so definitely make reservations ahead of time and go here.

The ambiance was perfect. I felt disconnected from the world, or technology anyways, and enjoyed every second here noticing each detail of the restaurant and my surroundings. The burning torches gave it that exotic Caribbean feel (or Survivor) and the sounds of the crashing waves made it that much more of a serene and intimate setting. I loved being the last people in the restaurant drinking white wine by candlelight and giggling about different experiences from the trip and the different friends we made. It was pure bliss.

Keep an open mind and love.

Quotes of the day:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust

“All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost.”

— J.R.R. Tolkien