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Dress: Goddess of Babylon

Shoes: Patricia Pratt

Love this super bohemian maxi dress for vacation and Summer time. Easiest piece to throw on for shopping, the beach or dinner. Pretty versatile if you ask me.

So I’m going to Glen Cove this weekend to relax on the beach and get a little bit of a tan and then I come back Sunday to shoot a video lookbook for Zaden Row. Should be pretty fun (I mean we’re shooting with some male models how bad can it be?) and pretty relaxing as well. Hopefully I can finish reading 50 Shades of Grey by Saturday evening, it is pretty addicting I’m not going to lie. Not written particularly well, but the story line is pretty intriguing. Kind of suggest you read it.

Oh by the way, I now have an online store where you can buy some of the looks I post. Check it out here.

Plus I made a Copious account which you can see here.

Shop away! Plus I may be making custom shirts for Summer so if you have any ideas or illustrations email me.


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