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The benefits of living in a housing development

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced renter, the buying process can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. There are a number of factors you must consider before you submit an application including budget, location and building type. A housing development can streamline the entire buying process and provide you with your forever home. From increased security to an enhanced sense of community, continue reading to find out how moving into a housing development could benefit you and your family.

Safety and security

Safety and security rank as key concerns for most buyers in today’s property market. You should always feel safe and secure within the perimeters of your own home. Residents of housing developments benefit from increased safety and security compared to homeowners located in the countryside or rural residential areas. Many housing developments have been built with several features designed to enforce the highest level of safety and security. This includes access-controlled entrances and exits, perimeter fencing and a complex security system that sometimes includes security personnel. Homeowners are more likely to enjoy a happier, healthier home life if they know they are protected from external threats or danger. A housing development based in Bidadari or elsewhere can offer optimum safety and security as well as sufficient transport links to maintain a healthy home life.

A sense of community

A sense of community is another key item on the checklist for a growing number of homeowners during the relocation process. By living in such close proximity to your neighbors, you are more likely to form meaningful friendships and relationships that can last a lifetime. Most housing developments are designed with community spirit in mind. Because of this, your neighbors are more likely to share the same lifestyle habits and priorities as you. Most housing developments are also equipped with several local amenities and services designed to benefit inhabitants. This differs based on size and price point but usually includes a grocery store, post office, park, walking trail and sports facilities. With everything you could ever want or need in one convenient location, there is no need to travel elsewhere. Housing developments are the preferred choice for families with young children due to increased safety and security and the potential for unsupervised outdoor play with neighbours located just a few doors down.

Good quality housing

Most housing developments are built by a single building company or contractor. As a result of this, all homes contained with the same housing development have been subject to the same strict design guidelines and regulations. With each aspect of the design and building process chosen on your behalf, all you need to do is move in. This maintains a sense of consistency and uniformity within the housing development and contributes to an organised, neat street appearance. On the other hand, some residents find the stringent design guidelines of a housing development too restrictive and repetitive. With little to no design input when it comes to the interior and exterior of the home, there is little room for personalisation. You must consider whether you will be able to give up creative control in return for a home that has been built to the highest of design and construction standards. Some maintenance and repairs required inside your property or within the estate may also be the responsibility of the housing development. With each home containing the same fixtures and fittings, you can relax knowing your problem has likely been seen before and can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Many new housing developments also adhere to a series of sustainability and conservation guidelines so you can be reassured that your surroundings are unlikely to undergo any drastic changes during your stay.

A good investment

Moving into a housing development can be a solid investment. Most homes are priced relatively cheaper than those located within the city centre or in suburban areas. Housing developments are a popular choice with first-time buyers or those looking to downsize as housing costs can be significantly cheaper. There is also the option to apply for a number of incentives associated with finally taking that first step onto the property ladder and purchasing your first home. Some housing developments also allow for lower deposits to allow first-time buyers or low-income families the opportunity to own their own home. Properties located in residential areas or housing developments tend to increase in value over time. Homeowners are more likely to shell out on a higher asking price for a property with added security and shared amenities.

When it comes to purchasing a property, there is a seemingly endless number of options to choose from. You must consider your current priorities as well as any future plans. A housing development can promise affordability and a sense of community to ensure you live a life of happiness in your new forever home.