On set shooting for ColourPop Cosmetics at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. They let me hold the champagne the whole time. AND they let me drink it. And there was twerking involved. It was kind of the best shoot ever.

Being divas for a hot minute. Excuse my really weird tan lines – yikes.

 Glamazon look. This girl is the epitome of awesome. Follow her – @littleblackboots

Blogger babes. @theskinnyconfidential @littleblackboots <3

So I text Neave a pic of my view from the penthouse – because the first time we both shot at the Standard was with each other – and he happened to be literally right down the hall shooting in a different room while I was shooting with Colour Pop. It is such a small world. The girl he was shooting, Gigi Paris, was really, really cool and we ended up all having dinner in this really cool teepee at the hotel. It was a perfect night with a really good group of people. Good times.

Shauns sungalsses

Meet one of my besties Cassie. We’ve been sistas since pre-school – we even had the same overalls. xx

 We went to Paradise Cove – the place I always talk about. And I got the watermelon drink – the drink I always talk about. Slice of paradise.

Went to Gracias Madre one night in LA. The food and drinks are phenom. AND it’s vegan so you know the crowd is legit.  Get the Quinceanera drink – so yum.

Date night with Marla at the Four Seasons is always a fun time. We get to talk about girly things, giggle, drink some yummy cocktails and make memories. She’s the bestest mama ever.

Song of the day: “Ongoing Thing” by 20syl