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Dress: Elle Lauri

Cape: Elle Lauri

Bag: Celine

Ram Ring: Jenny Bird

Glasses: Tnemnroda

I could not have had a better 21st birthday. I want to truly thank all my family and friends for being amazing, supportive and inspirational. What is life without family and friends? I don’t know what I would do without you but I want you to know I love you all so much. (And guess what?! I’m finally legal! Wooohoo!)

So I started the day by going to the Costume National show at Palais de Tokyo (my first Paris Fashion Week show ever) which was full of amazing coats and edgy dresses. I loved the dramatic cuts because they are bold but still wearable. I think high fashion is becoming more wearable as the years go by which I love. The set up for Paris Fashion Week is so much different than New York Fashion Week- a lot less organized but the fashion and models are ten times better. But who cares it’s Paris.

After the show I did a little sight seeing and went to one of my favorites- the Trocadero. It has the best view of the Eiffel Tower in all of Paris. Across from this area is a row of cafe’s where I went to go enjoy some authentic French crepes which by the way are nothing like America’s version of crepes. There’s are much thicker-more like pancakes. (Call me crazy but I like America’s more). Then after this I checked out the George V in the Four Seasons and enjoyed some high tea. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Paris. You will not be disappointed. I was satisfied enough with the interior decor and luxurious couches alone-the amazing tea and food was just a huge plus. It’s one of those places you go to catch up with someone and can talk for hours because the ambiance is more laid back than the other restaurants and cafe’s. And did I mention the couches are comfortable/amazing/I want and need them? Bottom line if you are going to Paris go there, and sit on these couches.

Then I did a little more sight-seeing and ended the day having dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower at Le Jules Verne with 5 of my closest friends- old and new. I was terrified getting there because I really truly HATE elevators. Especially ones that go diagonal, fit 5 people and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Thank God I had a couple drinks at the top or I might have fainted on the way down. However, I have to say it is worth it. The view is breathtaking, the food is amazing and you are basically at the top of the world. What more could you ask for?

Well I had one more request…What is the ultimate best way to end your 21st birthday in Paris? A strip club obviously!!! All I wanted for my birthday was a big booty hoe. Champs-Elysees had a great one I recommend- Penthouse Club. We got a little table and enjoyed the rest of our evening here.

I forgot about the outfit, let’s talk about that. Well I love this dress and coat from Elle Lauri. Camel is one of my new favorite colors because it is easy to match but strays away from the usual and resorted to black. This outfit is a perfect day to night outfit because the cape makes it appropriate for daytime, but take it off and BAM you have a sexy little camel lace dress underneath. And can we talk about these sunglasses? I am obsessed. Tnemnroda is a fairly new brand but they have already gotten placements on Beyonce-ridiculous. You might think they are hard to see out of, but trust they are perfect. And my new navy Celine bag I got in Paris- I’m not mad at it. I couldn’t decide which color was best but I’m really happy I went with navy because I haven’t seen anyone with it and it won’t get dirty.

Hands down best birthday ever. Thank you to everyone who made it amazing, I will never forget it.


Viviere Bella

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