How to Throw a Romantic Beach Outing for Your Loved One

If you are thinking about taking that special someone out for a romantic day on the beach, there are a lot of things that go into making it the perfect event that you hope it will be. The main thing that will decide whether any event is successful or not is how well it is planned.

While it might seem romantic to “wing it”, that is what could end up having you and your partner enjoying an ant-filled picnic in the middle of a rainstorm. Here are a few tips on how to make sure that your dream date doesn’t turn into a nightmare:

Find the Perfect Beach

First things first; if you want to have a romantic beach getaway with the one you love then you have to find a great beach. From the east, west, and southern coasts, there are beautiful beaches scattered all throughout the country. Find the closest one to you with the best amenities and plan to whisk your significant other away as soon as you can.

Be Prepared for Anything

You should also make sure that you have not only everything that you need but everything that you could need. Anything can happen, even on the most beautiful beaches. A light shower could come out of nowhere. The winds could pick up and begin to come in bursts. The temperature might drop unexpectedly. And these are just weather events. Make sure that you have a contingency plan if the beach should become a little inhospitable to your romantic plans.

Bring a Dining Set-Up

You can’t have a romantic outing without food and refreshments, so that means having a place to serve and enjoy them. Beach chairs, a portable picnic table, as well as some type of shade or covering such as a large umbrella are almost certainly required. A picnic basket is a good way to bring and store the food, although an ice chest or cooler bag might be even better. This will keep bugs out of it while you enjoy the rest of the amenities of the beach such as the sun, sand, and sunshine.

Make Sure You Get Your Loved One’s Favorite Foods and Treats

If you don’t already know what your sweetheart likes to eat and snack on, find out! Whether you have been together for 20 years or just began dating last week, nothing shows that you care more than by going out of your way to make sure that they have their favorites. You will want to make sure to properly store each item to protect it from spills, as well as insects or birds looking for a free lunch.

Bring the Proper Accessories

Although we have already covered a lot of the basics as far as what to bring, there are a few more items and accessories that you may need as well. Depending on what time of the day this outing is (and whether or not it extends after the sun goes down), you may need to bring several different things.

A change of clothing is a good idea. Of course, sunscreen is always a necessity at the beach. And if you plan on the evening becoming more romantic, nothing ruins that idea more than a painful sunburn. Additionally, a light sweater or jacket may also come in handy when it cools after sunset.