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Category: Lifestyle

2 Feb

#TaxesDone – Major Key Alert

#taxesdone - turbo tax
#TaxesDone  Sponsored by TurboTax It's that time of year again that everyone dreads - tax season. BUT it does not have to be dreaded my friends - TurboTax is here to help us all simplify our lives. This year I filed my taxes early because, you know, New Year's resolutions and I'm trying to be more a more organized individual. I loathe the feeling of a major to do list - especially when it involves the IRS. And now that I'm done I have more time to explore my city, plan my future travels to SE Asia and start my own company that will be revealed in about a month;) So my dad taught me how to use TurboTax a few years ago so...
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4 Jan

Why It’s Crucial to Surround Yourself With Genuine People

You guys, it's 2016. It's time to solely surround yourself with genuine people who make a positive impact on your life. Today, 1/3/2016, I went on Lu and Ryan's boat in Miami and then to have lunch at the Standard Hotel. It was the best Sunday of the year and we shared countless laughs, conversations and champs. Thank you guys for being authentic, genuine, hilarious and inspiring me to write this post- love you guys:)  A little backstory - I met Ryan through my friend Sarah Lovrien who is an amazing photographer I've worked with. She came to Miami, stayed with me for a weekend and introduced me to Ryan who used to live in Seattle with her. Now Ryan and...
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10 Nov

How To Find Your Passion + Make A Living Off Of It

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves." - Thomas Edison  Outfits: KAS New York; Sunnies: Illesteva from Every time I am out socializing, networking, eating dinner, raging/popping bottles, whatever - the conversation of what I do for a living comes up. Every time. And I don't mind it. However, it is pretty much the same conversation. Every. Single. Time. They ask what I do. I tell them I work in social media, marketing, I create content for brands and run my own website/brand and that I love it. Is it hard? Sure. It takes a lot to stay organized on all of my campaigns on top of my full time job at a...
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