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20 Aug

“George Meets Jan” A.M. Club Design By Artist Michael Crampton

My Grandpa George and Grandma Jan are my heroes. They have always been there for me and urged me to follow my dreams, reassuring me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Grandpa George started a rehab center over 30 years ago, changing hundreds of thousands people's lives. His hard work, dedication and compassion are qualities that will be instilled in me forever. He has always had a serious passion for classic cars, and Grandma always looked so chic in them - so I wanted to create a design including some of my favorites from his classic car collection to create a Gatsby-esque design - a true classic. This design "George Meets Jan" was inspired by my grandparents and their...
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18 Aug


Yesterday we went to the Ben-Hur premiere in Hollywood and it was AMAZING!!! The movie was INCREDIBLE - everyone absolutely loved it. The story, the visuals, the cast, the music - everything was perfect. Congrats Joni and Keith on a major success and we cannot wait for more works of art! I obviously Tweeted, Instagrammed, Snapchatted and took photos the whole time on the red carpet to capture all the moments. I also styled Britt and myself - the details are below. Here are the photos and a video where I share a behind the scenes/on the red carpet experience with you. Enjoy and go see Ben-Hur in theaters by you! Britt is wearing Vassallo and I'm wearing A.M. Club silk scarf with Daniel Silverstain...
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7 Aug

What To Wear To The Movies (AKA Ben-Hur)

I recently went on a date to the iPic Theater in LA which inspired me to do a post on what to wear to the movies. Sooo here are two casual outfits for ya because I know the struggle of picking out something not too dressy yet not too casual. ALSO - in case you haven't seen every billboard and bus in LA advertising Ben-Hur, I'm letting you know that you HAVE TO see it August 19th. You may remember I went on set in Rome with my best friend/sister Brittany Levin-Clarke last March for a couple weeks. Her dad, Keith Clarke, wrote the script and her mom, Joni Levin, co-produced it. They are major power couple goals. So proud Joni and...
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6 Aug

Heathrow Airport: A Touch of Readiness and a Hint of Patience Go A Long Way

As an avid airline passenger, weaving your way through the crowded spaces of Heathrow Airport is a challenging process on its own. Also count the fact that London’s congested roads create tons of problems, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a ruined vacation. Thankfully, with a touch of preparedness and a hint of patience, going through everything that involves Heathrow will seem like a stroll on the catwalk. Heathrow Airport hosts an average of over 190,000 passengers everyday, making it the busiest aviation hub in the UK. Consider that massive number and you can already imagine how hard it is to get to the airport from your home or hotel. Everyone should know by now that giving a considerable amount...
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5 Aug

LA Flow

                              Sunglasses: Dharma / Silk Scarf: A.M. Club I've fallen in love with LA more than ever. My friends who have always been like family are here, my real family is here, it's blossoming with cutting edge creatives and the fashion scene is really stepping up it's game. Soooo I started looking for an apartment this week and plan on spending more time here. And I cannot friggin' wait to decorate a new space - I'm pretty sure I can add interior decorator to my resume by now. LA I LOVE YOU - let's make cool things happen. xx...
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