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28 Apr

I Spent 2 Months In SE Asia With 1 Carry-On And A TON of SULU

I left the US with 1 carry-on and 1 one way ticket to Bali about 2 months ago, but had to cut the trip short to cover Coachella Music Festival (both weekends) in California. So now here I am at my parents house in LA decompressing (errr detoxing) for a couple of weeks. I've been living out of a carry-on for the past 2 months and I have found that it is actually the easiest way to live. Traveling light gives you so much more freedom and mobility that you'll never want to go back to checking luggage. Packing light saves you time getting ready, waiting for your luggage or worrying that it might get lost in transit and also gives...
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15 Apr

How Last Minute, Unplanned Travels Will Change Your Life

elephant nature park chiang mai
Or rather, how this unplanned venture throughout SE Asia has changed mine. If you follow me on Instagram (@amy_marietta) then you know I have been traveling throughout SE Asia for about 2 months now to countries including Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Australia – I have many stories to come… What you might not know is that the only preparation I did for this trip was researching countries in SE Asia, making some Pinterest boards of potential destinations and watching every Anthony Bourdain episode on SE Asia to get a visual understanding of what to expect in certain cities. Then I made a list of places I wanted to explore and flew off to Bali to begin this life changing adventure. Solely 1...
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14 Mar

How To Not Die On A Motorbike In Bali

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.36.53 AM
I hate that this is my first post on Bali but you'll see why I had to share this with you, first and foremost, in this post. Yes, Bali is one of the most magical places on Earth - I will get to that later this week in a different post. However, if you are planning on visiting Bali and renting a motorbike to get around the island - which I highly recommend - I am going to share with you some tips on how to have a safe experience and avoid the mayhem we just encountered. I flew out to Bali 4 days ago to meet up with one of my best friends Jinna Yang - whom you all know about...
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21 Feb

Vagabond Rendezvous

vagabond hotel miami 1-43
As I am a big fan of to do lists, adventures and exploring as much as possible - I finally went to check out a hidden gem I've been meaning to experience for a while now in the Upper East Side of Miami -The Vagabond Hotel. It's a cute, low-key boutique hotel with only 45 rooms that has been fully renovated and has a little posh poolside bar and retro-luxe restaurant inside. Honestly it felt very Palms Spring for me - similar to the ACE Hotel vibe -relaxing, quiet and as if you are temporarily living in another era - except there's Wifi. YES. Also on your drive there - along Biscayne Boulevard - you pass a lot of historic buildings and...
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17 Feb

Why I’m Obsessed With Uber

uber interview w- jennifer by amy marietta-25
This post was sponsored by Uber I've been obsessed with Uber for the past 5 years - I don't know what I would do without it. I take Uber to go out whether I'm in LA, NY, Miami or abroad. I take Uber to meetings or when I want to send some emails and don't want to email/text and drive  - efficient, I know. I love Uber because the car quality is much better than cabs and you don't have a sketchy human with a broken card machine yelling at you in another language that it's your fault. I love Uber because you don't have to hail a cab in the freezing New York Winter when you're trying to look cute. I love...
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