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18 Jan

Drink The LA Lemonade – Why Every Blogger Is Moving to LA

lemonade la
Silk scarf: A.M. Club / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Bracelet: Hermes / Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Pants: Metisu / Shoes: Mara And Mine Photos taken by Joe Hodges at Lemonade - one of my favorite spots in LA:)  LOS ANGELES Moving back to Los Angeles has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Each morning I wake up, appreciate the view of this beautiful city and grin with giddiness because I realize the endless possibilities that the day may present to me. I've been lucky to meet so many inspiring individuals who have changed my life here. You might roll out of bed, go get a coffee and meet someone you just vibe with. Then, all of a sudden, you have a new friend...
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14 Jan

How To Have A Fun Family Vacay In Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas - not our families original plan for Thanksgiving but hey, life happens and schedules get crazy. Honestly, I had an awesome time with the fam here - hence why I want to share with you this post. You can read my previous post about my Austin adventures with friends on our cross country road trip here for more recommendations.  There are so many beautiful and blossoming cities in the US that are worth visiting - Austin being one of them. Austin is one of the most vibrant cities (no seriously, there are neon signs EVERYWHERE) and is it also the second fastest-growing cities in the US. Love, love Austin. But honestly, if you are with your family and people you...
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