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24 May

Singapore Is A Giant Disneyland For Everyone

Yes, Singapore felt like a giant Disneyland to me and here is how. 1. Everything is so animated, happy, upbeat, clean, modern, orderly and safe. There is so much culture on every street. Singapore feels like a festival 24/7 because everything and everyone seems to be celebrated and each area has a different theme. They celebrate and acknowledge many cultures making the country diverse yet unified. According to Singapore's Department of Statistics, 74% of the population is Chinese, 13% are Malay, 9% are Indian, and 3% are labeled as other. Another melting pot besides NYC errr Disneyland. 2. I've yet to experience a country that feels as safe as Singapore. I truly felt I could walk anywhere at any time alone and someone was always watching,...
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18 May

My One Way Ticket To Bali Adventures

bali sunset potato head beach club
Booking a 1 way ticket to Bali was the best impulse decision I have ever made. The moment I glanced out the plane window and laid eyes on "The Island of The Gods" as they call it, I was immediately full of excitement, energy and wonder. I knew I was about to embark on a life changing adventure - and I did. Bali feels as though it is another dimension. The days don't fly by because you're present in every single moment. It is one of the only places I truly feel as though photos, videos and words will never do the island justice because it is about the energy and experience of the island. It cannot be explained nor understood until you...
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3 May

And Festival Season Begins – A Coachella Desert Diary

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Life is such a trip dude. These past few months have been such an adventure. I've been on a constant high from everything - I constantly feel so alive, happy and grateful. That SE Asia trip really did change my life for the best - thank you universe. This was my second year at Coachella and I ended up spending both weekends in the desert - needless to say it was my favorite year by far. I was pretty sick of flying (20 flights in the last 60 days) and being in cars - so I was ready to just dance and be with common faces again. The energy at music festivals is indescribable. Coachella reminds you to live in the moment,...
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28 Apr

I Spent 2 Months In SE Asia With 1 Carry-On And A TON of SULU

I left the US with 1 carry-on and 1 one way ticket to Bali about 2 months ago, but had to cut the trip short to cover Coachella Music Festival (both weekends) in California. So now here I am at my parents house in LA decompressing (errr detoxing) for a couple of weeks. I've been living out of a carry-on for the past 2 months and I have found that it is actually the easiest way to live. Traveling light gives you so much more freedom and mobility that you'll never want to go back to checking luggage. Packing light saves you time getting ready, waiting for your luggage or worrying that it might get lost in transit and also gives...
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15 Apr

How Last Minute, Unplanned Travels Will Change Your Life

elephant nature park chiang mai
Or rather, how this unplanned venture throughout SE Asia has changed mine. If you follow me on Instagram (@amy_marietta) then you know I have been traveling throughout SE Asia for about 2 months now to countries including Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Australia – I have many stories to come… What you might not know is that the only preparation I did for this trip was researching countries in SE Asia, making some Pinterest boards of potential destinations and watching every Anthony Bourdain episode on SE Asia to get a visual understanding of what to expect in certain cities. Then I made a list of places I wanted to explore and flew off to Bali to begin this life changing adventure. Solely 1...
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