Pink Tile Bathroom Renovation – From Dated To Eclectic Glam (transformation)

Pink Tile Bathroom Renovation Ideas – From Dated To Eclectic Glam

My guest bathroom has this pink tile from the 90’s that I didn’t want to tear out, but I did want to update to have more personality and *pizzazz*. After searching online for hours, it was difficult to find examples of a pink tile bathroom that I actually liked so I decided to put together this before and after of how I transformed my pink tile bathroom myself using affordable techniques.

eclectic pink tile bathroom transformation

Redoing any room in your home can seem daunting at first, but my best tip to avoid decision paralysis is to start with the walls and perhaps the ceiling if you’re feeling wild. The walls were white, which was fine, but I’ve been wanting to paint a ceiling lately so I ended up going with peach darling by Glidden. The color of the year (2024) is peach and that got me thinking, this peachy color would pair perfectly with the pink tile. So after testing red and green, I landed with peach which was definitely the best pick for this bathroom because it doesn’t get that much light and I wanted an airy glam feel.

Once I decided on the color palette I got to the fun stuff – details. I’ve had my eye on this golden swan faucet for years, thanks to Pinterest, so I decided she was the one. After searching, I found this one on Amazon and honestly, she’s so perfect and makes me smile every time I walk in here. Definitely worth it.

Then I outlined the mirror with gold metal adhesive trim which was not necessarily a beginner level DIY because you need metal cutters, but I believe in you.

As a small business owner myself, I am always looking for ways to support other small businesses when I can, as well as sustainability, which is why I shop on Etsy so often. I like knowing where my money is going and supporting other artists around the world and locally. So the next few items are all from really cool small shops I discovered during this process:)

Another small detail that made such a big difference is the light switch plates. I found this Etsy store in Turkey that hand makes these calcutta marble light switches and they really elevated the bathroom. They don’t typically make oval shapes, but I asked and they were super accommodating 🙂

I would typically overlook something like a toilet paper holder, but then I found this handmade brass toilet paper holder from an Etsy store in Morocco that gives glam. Had to have it. Love how fancy I feel every time I go to wipe my ass. 10/10.

For the window treatments, I took out the older blinds and installed a cafe curtain with linen curtains from an Etsy shop in the US.

Then some other small details I switched out were the light which I found on Facebook marketplace, the shower head from Amazon which was an easy fix, the toilet caps which I made myself, added some handmade trays I had, I got a new brass toilet paper brush from Target, added some art I already had and framed them in thrifted frames. Then I placed some lowlight plants I already had in the shower because this shower never get’s used so may as well use it as a greenhouse of sorts to liven it up. And voila – my own little art deco oasis.

Hope this inspires you when redoing your bathroom! Have fun:)

swan sink faucet

I made a video where you can see the transformation on Tiktok which you can watch by clicking here.