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When it comes to decorating your home and choosing gifts to give, there are two items that no one can ever have enough of and you really can’t really go wrong with giving: high quality candles and coffee table books. I’ve always been obsessed with candles and books because they add so much more character to a space and make it personal. Similar to how clothes speak for themselves, home decor does as well.

Coffee table books are timeless artifacts that show one’s interests whether that be art, architecture, cars, design, fashion, films, food, history, inspiring quotes, music, or travel.

There is a coffee table book for everyone.

Giving a coffee table book as a gift shows that you are thoughtful and took time to find a book that someone specific would truly enjoy for years to come. Coffee table books are timeless items that have multiple uses – whether you use them traditionally by placing on your coffee table or stack them up and use them as a side table. They are one of the most versatile home decor items that can truly transform any surface and space by adding a little character. I also find coffee table books as great conversation starters and fun to flip through when you need some extra inspiration that doesn’t come from the internet. These perfectly, oversized, visual books will surely help get your creative juices flowing again.

Anytime I buy a lovely oversized coffee table book for someone else, I usually end up treating myself too. It’s art and knowledge mixed into one object so why not right?

With all the research I have done on this topic, I thought it was time to create an ultimate coffee table book list to share with you.

I’ve rounded up the ultimate coffee table book list which is comprised of 50 of the best coffee table books.

Have you guys come across any new coffee table books I should add to my list?




Poolside With Slim Aarons


Ultimate Coffee Table BooksChanel by Francois Baudot

If there’s one female leader in history who truly forged a new path for women, it’s Coco Chanel. The bold fashion designer revolutionized style all while building her own global empire that is now considered one of the world’s most luxurious houses. She was the original #ladyboss. Her modern aesthetic and bold attitude liberated women from their traditional garb and showed them the power of a chic pantsuit. She inadvertently changed the entire fashion landscape with her revolutionary style. ($49)


Love Style Life by Garance Doré

Garance Doré has charmed us with her effortless French style, impeccable wit, and fresh approach to fashion on her self-titled site. If like us, you’re one of the millions of fans who’ve bookmarked her blog, then you’ll adore this beautiful behind-the-scenes compilation of her life, travels and candid tales. Consider this your backstage pass to the world of Garance. ($20)

When Art Meets Design


Top Coffee Table Books

In The Spirit Of St. Barths


Top Coffee Table Books

In The Spirit Of Bali


Top Coffee Table Books


20th Century Classic Cars


Car Coffee Table BookThe Book Of Palms


Palms - Top Coffee Table Books

1000 Nudes: The History of Erotic Photography 1839-1939


Chic Stays: Conde Nast Traveller s Favorite People on Their Favorite Places


Best Coffee Table Books

Elements of Architecture Rem Koolhaus

($125)Top Coffee Table BooksFontana


Top Coffee Table Books Taschen

Veuve Cliquot


Top Coffee Table Books Assouline

Visionary Women

For the strong females in your life. ($29)

Top Coffee Table Books For FeministsNew York Portrait of A City


Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And Artists75 Years Of Capitol Records


Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And Artists

Rolling Stones – Taschen


Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And Artists

Extraordinary Records

For the music lovers and artists. ($20)

Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And Artists

Frank Sinatra Has A Cold

Timeless classic. ($200)


Best Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And ArtistsAll The Songs – The Beatles

Great gift for dad or anyone who loves The Beatles. So everyone. ($49)

Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And Artists


Tom Ford

For men and women – this is a must have. ($93)

Tom Ford Coffee Table BookMilk and Honey By Rupi Kaur

For the intellectuals. ($32)

Top Coffee Table Books For Artists

Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography – Taschen Books

Explore the extensive works of world-renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh who has shot some of pop cultures most famous figures.($50)

Venetian Chic- Taschen Books

Bring the luxury and elegance of Venice into your home with this beautiful book. ($62)

Ibiza Bohemia- Assouline Books

This book brings the vibrant, bohemian-chic energy of Ibiza into your home, and will definitely stand out. ($60)

The Big Book of Chic-Assouline Books

The Big Book of Chic shares selections of superstar interior designer Miles Redd’s lavish decors. It’s not just a book; it’s also constant design inspiration! ($80)

Nomad Deluxe – Assouline Books

A breathtaking book that will take you on a trip around the world, and satisfy your wanderlust while you’re at home. ($57)

In the Spirit of Beverly Hills – Assouline Books

Beverly Hills is the essence of glamour and luxury, and this book is certain to bring some Beverly Hills vibes into your home. ($34)

Oscar De La Renta- Assouline Books

A truly striking book; Oscar De La Renta will captivate you and bring his timeless style and elegance to your home. ($96)


Eames- Taschen Books

Ray and Charles Eames contributed greatly to the world of interior design and making chic design accessible to everyone. Definitely a must have! ($9)


365 Day-by-Day. New York- Taschen Books

Feel what it’s like to be a part of one of the most stylish, energetic cities in the world by having this book on display. ($22)


Pop Art

By Klaus Honnef

For the Andy Warhol fan who wants to expand their knowledge of the art movement beyond the soup can. ($12)

Best Coffee Table Books

The Movie Book


If you’re stuck on what to watch on movie night, pick up this book, flip and point—it’ll save you a Netflix battle and teach you a little film history. ($17)

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

By National Geographic

A travel bucket list that can live on your coffee table, always pushing and reminding you to book that flight. ($27)

Best Coffee Table Books For TravelersBeaches By Gray Malin

Inspire summer daydreams at any time of the year with this oversized book. ($28)

Best Coffee Table Books

1000 Record Covers By Michael Ochs

Essential reading for any Vinyl fanatic. ($20)

Top Coffee Table Books For Music Lovers And ArtistsVanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age
By Graydon Carter

All the glamour of the famous magazine looked at through the lense of history. ($58)Best Coffee Table BooksFor Friends by Alessandra Borghese And Alessandra d’Urso

For a jet-setting type: This box-set includes ten tomes filled with photographs by Alessandra d’Urso of fabulous Europeans enjoying luxurious long weekends at the Borghese palace in Montevettolini, Jacques Garcia’s Château du Champ-de-Bataille in Normandy, and private islands off of Cartagena.($82)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Slim Aarons Women, by Laura Hawk

Photos of socialite ladies sitting by the pool in Palm Springs and sunbathing on Greek islands abound in the latest Slim Aarons compilation, Women, written by Aarons’s former assistant Laura Hawk. ($57)

Best Coffee Table Books - Slim Aarons

David Hockney: A Bigger Book

Okay, it’s $2,500, and not available till January, but if you have the money to spare, a preorder of Taschen’s latest SUMO edition, a massive (literally) monograph of painter David Hockney’s work, is a really special gift.

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books


Wood Architecture Now! Vol. 2

The second volume of this TASCHEN architecture piece takes a look at at one of the oldest raw materials in history. This work, focusing on the sole use of wood in architecture, is certainly interesting and unique. ($38)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Craft Cocktails

Assouline’s latest recipe guide to drinks and spirits explores the “new golden age” of craft cocktails. The Craft Cocktails book highlights the very best in drink concoctions as presented by mixologist Brian Van Flandern. ($35)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

The Ride Custom Motorcycle Book

Gestalten’s The Ride is a great work for fans of all things motorcycle. This publication looks to champion those who build and those who ride with 320 full-color pages. ($47)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Airline: Style at 30,000 Feet

This fascinating work looks into a unique topic: Airline culture, and every aspect of it including fashion, food and design. A fun choice for a costume designer or historian friend. ($12)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

The Monocle Guide to Better Living

One of our favorite Publications, Monocle, offers their first hardback book. Editor Andrew Tuck explains that the amalgamation of content over the years points to the simple idea of how to live life just a bit better. ($50)

Best Coffee Table Books

Where Chefs Eat: An International Restaurant Guide Book

Over 400 of the world’s most renowned chefs offer up their favorite places to dine which span from high-brow destinations, to diners, burger joints, and everything in between. Maybe there’s something in your neighborhood. ($16)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Dian Hanson’s History of Pin-up Magazines

TASCHEN Sexy Books editor Dian Hanson compiles the history and evolution of pin-up magazines from 1900 to 1969. ($29)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy

Hugh Hefner presents his illustrated autobiography covering his wildly successful career and personal life in this massive six-volume set. ($105)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History

If you know someone who loves Louis Vuitton bags — or designer bags in general — but you can’t afford to buy them one, this coffee table book on the history of LV’s City Bags is a perfect gift. The book records the evolution of the brand’s iconic leather goods, “mimicking the scientific classifications of animals and plants.” ($53)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy

This title by Ursus Wehrli is an intriguing collection of foods, plants, people, cars, toys, and even people, organized graphically by size, color, and composition. ($10)

The Ultimate Guide Coffee Table Books

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