Iceland: The land of Vikings and Volcanoes

A unique and wild landscape will be waiting to welcome you to the land of ice and fire called Iceland. The frozen earth changes its “costume” depending on the season, and each visitor sees a different spectacle of eerie beauty and unique aesthetics with landscapes like paintings of Jóhannes Kjarval. If you are one of the lucky ones who will see Iceland wearing its “white costume” from end to end, then get ready for an even more enchanting adventure. And the more challenging this trip can be due to the weather and conditions, the more dazzling will be into your own eyes.

Life on the road

When we talk about Iceland, the road trip should come to mind as a complete solution, as bus travel is rare to non-existent. And when we say road trip, we mean nature-loving road trip because all the sights have to do with nature and its alluring beauty. And to be more specific, you don’t need to be a nature lover to go to Iceland. This country can turn you into one. But first and foremost: you need to find a means of transportation.

Visitors to Iceland usually do not visit it in their own car. But that doesn’t stop them from renting a car from the country’s dozens of airports. So if you are looking for car hire in Iceland, Enjoy Travel can provide you with a wide range of options and special offers for your needs.

Driving on the main road of the “Golden ring”, you will discover that there are strict speed limits and several danger points. It is the road that runs around the perimeter of the island and will take you to all the known and not only sights.

On your way, it is worth visiting the Thingvellir National Park where the two tectonic plates (Eurasian and American) meet and a gorge is created from their connection. This place has an immense historical significance for the Icelanders as the first parliament of the country – and probably the world – which was created and functioned back in 930.

Geysers in Iceland

Geysers are a type of hot spring that periodically “explodes” and launches hot water columns. The most famous geysers in Iceland are Strokur and Geyser who gave his name to these types of hot springs. The name Geyser in the local language is interpreted as “gushing with momentum”.

Iceland is an island, and as an island, its beaches couldn’t be left out of the discussion. Enjoy the shore of Reynisfjara beach with its black volcanic sand, basalt caves, rock formations and wild icy waves. From the black beach, you will be able to see from the bottom of the sea, the two massive domes that became known from the Game of Thrones series. Also of unique beauty is the Diamond beach where pieces of ice (small icebergs) leach into the shore and being washed away by the wave that creates the image of precious shining diamonds in black sand.

And because we get to visit a country that has over 170 geothermal baths, it is impossible not to see even one of them. We suggest you spend an entire afternoon at the famous “Blue Lagoon” located on the Reykjanes Peninsula (very close to the airport). In a lunar landscape of volcanic lava with white and velvety milky waters, which thanks to the reflection of light, this water turns into a glorious deep blue colour.

We are convinced that no matter how many images we describe to you, they will always do injustice to the reality and the spectacle of the icy and at the same time, the adventurous landscape of Iceland. That being said, you should see and experience it for yourself.