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Romper: Misha Vaidya + Bracelets: Boho Betty 

“A #GIRLBOSS is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. As a #GIRLBOSS, you take control and accept responsibility. You’re a fighter – you know when to throw punches and when to roll with them. Sometimes you break the rules, sometimes you follow them, but always on your own terms. You know where you’re going, but can’t do it without having some fun along the way. You value honesty over perfection. You ask questions. You take life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re going to take over the world, and change it in the process.

You’re a badass.” 

Sophia Amoruso

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I love to be living during a time when women  are  excelling more with their careers than ever before. Not only are they starting their careers at a younger age – they are also working on projects they are passionate about – where they can be themselves – and be the boss of their own life – self sufficient and strong. It’s a beautiful, strong and empowering movement.

“#Girlboss is a movement… Sophia encourages us to own the qualities we’ve previously been ashamed of…in order to become the masters of our own destiny, financially independent and radically ourselves. I’m so in.” – Lena Dunham

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I wanted to start putting more of a story behind my style posts – hence why I am writing this piece in hopes of encouraging more young girls to just go for it.

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Sophia Amoroso is the original Girl Boss and you can learn more about her, her mission and the movement here.

“So it’s about keeping personal responsibility for your future, being comfortable taking risks, and understanding that failure is the byproduct of your own invention. If you’re learning from everything that you’re doing, even if the outcome is not what you had anticipated or expected, you’re learning. If you’re learning from everything that you’re doing, you’re winning. I think a lot of people might be afraid of taking risks in their life because they’re afraid of failure. Failure is just not learning from everything that happens.” – Sophia Amoruso

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“When I hear ‘no,’ I instead hear, ‘how?’ How can I do that? No is just the starting point. No is, “Okay, cool, so I’m going to have to be creative with this one.” Rejection hurts. But the feeling of pride, when you try again, and it works, it’s better than it working the first time because you can take even more ownership over your own success.” – Sophia Amoruso

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 “It’s not about being included. It about creating your own space and including yourself and then finding other people that are like okay.” 

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Okay now that we understand the essence of a Girl Boss – let’s go into how to become a girl boss and do girl boss thangs.

1. Find what you love to do and do that. Life is too short to not love what you are doing and you will never succeed if you are going through the motions on a project that you aren’t passionate about. All major companies were built on passion or spite – so pick one of those and run with it.

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2. Make a plan and learn time management.  It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed but you need to know and understand the general idea of what you’re doing, what you want to be doing and how are you going to get there. Things will change along the way but learn to accept them and roll with it. Learn to say no to every outing you are invited to – you don’t have to become a hermit – but learn how to keep a balance.

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3. Use Todoist Todoist is an app that I started using this year rather than Excel to organize my daily tasks, goals and ideas. It’s fun to physically see how much you can get done in a day and outdo yourself.

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4. Believe in yourself and NEVER GIVE UP. No one gets it on the first try – keep trying and if you really want something – never give up. It’s cliche but very true.

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5. Stay positive. Negative energy is like a tumbleweed. You can’t feed into it – learn to block out haters, negative thoughts or anything that is going to hold you back from succeeding. Sometimes you need to cut out people as well – if they bring you down – you don’t need them around.

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6. Always be nice to EVERYONE and never act above ANYONE. I don’t care if they are the new intern, janitor, whatever – everyone deserves to be treated equally unless they treat you like shit. Then that’s a different story.

“It’s cool to be kind. It’s cool to be weird. It’s cool to be honest and to be secure with yourself.” – Sophia Amoruso

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7. Take pride in what you do. Life is too short to be lazy – give it your all so you know it will be something you are proud of.

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8. Take care of your health.  You need to learn to maintain a somewhat balanced lifestyle. Eat healthy, stay active and try to remember to sleep – entrepreneurs biggest problem. #guilty

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9. Constantly learn and get inspired. The internet is one of the best inventions by man – use it to your advantage.

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10. Be a DOER. You can plan countless things – but unless you act upon your ideas they will stay on that piece of paper forever.  Learn to create your own opportunities.

“Fortune favors action.”

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11. F*ck patience. If I listened to every person who said be patient – I’d still be living at home. You are the only one that controls your life so you have to go out there and do it. Take action.

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12. Get to know yourself. Find what fulfills you personally and keep it real. Don’t live for someone else. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Both are a huge waste of time.

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13. Don’t take no for an answer. Learn to negotiate. Don’t downgrade and don’t lower expectations – this goes for every area of your life. A lot of women are scared to ask for things because the fear of rejection. Who cares? Know your worth and if it isn’t appreciated – on to the next one. #canihaveit

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14. Empower other women. Empower everyone really – if you can help and support someone – do it. We’re all in this together. #highschoolmusicalflashback

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And I am going to leave you here with some more quotes by Sophia herself. 

“You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.”

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“You combine hard work, creativity, and self-determination, and things start to happen.”  

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 “You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it. If this is a man’s world, who cares? I’m still really glad to be a girl in it.”

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset“I believe that there is a silver lining in everything, and once you begin to see it, you’ll need sunglasses to combat the glare.”

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“The last thing I’d ever subscribe to are fashion rules. However, I do think that you should put effort into what you wear. Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world. When you choose your clothing right, it feels good. And there’s nothing shallow about feeling good. Owning your style, however, is much more about your attitude than it is about what’s on your back. But don’t underestimate the transformational possibilities that getting dressed can afford you.”

2015-10-21 21.45.53“That’s the number one thing, perhaps even the only thing, you can absolutely count on. Regardless of what your dreams are, if you listen only to those around you, the chances of your dreams coming true are very small. The world loves to tell you how difficult things are, and the world’s not exaggerating. And that’s a real bummer. But, here’s the real shit: You can’t have it all, and nothing comes easy. You will make sacrifices and compromises, get let down and let other people down, fail and start over, break some hearts, take some names, and learn to pick up and continue when your own heart gets broken. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and out of the bajillions of things in this universe that you can’t control, what you can control is how hard you try, and if or when to pack it in.”

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“Bad bitches are taking over the world.”