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8 Feb

Risky Business…Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Sunnies: Shauns California; Shirt: California Buyer; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Shoedazzle. Photos by Jon Macapodi This past week I received a lot of heart warming notes from young women saying that they respected my hustle and were inspired. Those kind of things are what really and truly make my days - to know I'm making some type of difference to inspire young women throughout the world to work harder and find what they are passionate about. Your life is your message - so make it something substantial, powerful and inspiring. Just like everyone else - I am constantly looking for ways to grow, new things to explore and how to continuously create myself. I went through a short period in my life where...
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6 Jan

White Winter

Jacket: Vintage fur from SINN Style; Sweater: Romeo and Juliet Couture; Pants: Koral Los Angeles; Sunnies: Shauns; Shoes: GILT x GLAMOUR. Photos by Jinna Yang  Winter whites and creams - I love them. We had our first real snow today in NYC and it is beyond beautiful. Huge snowflakes, big coats, quiet streets in the West Village - so picturesque. These white pants by Koral Los Angeles are the perfect fit and are great for any season - love mixing it up with some white during the Winter. And I am obsessed with this raccoon fur coat - you can wear fur with pretty much anything - so warm, cozy and chic. Happy New Year people - cheers to new ventures, friends and travels. So...
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2 Dec

Serenity in the Sea

Got this baby on and BTW they are having a CYBER MONDAY sale so go check 'em out right hurr. Dress: L*SPACE Swim; Scarf: Suguru Studio; Sunnies: Shauns; YSL wallet: Photos by Marissa Marietta While in Puerto Vallarta I went fishing with my uncles, cousin and sistas early in the morning  and it was by far one of my favorite parts of the trip. There is nothing more serene than being in the middle of the ocean - it's my happy place:) I honestly didn't do much of the fishing (just took photos and videos) but I watched them reel in 3 huge tunas and it looked pretty intense...
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30 Nov

Sayulita, Mexico

Cousin love <3 Sister looking out from Auntie's house.   Romper:; Sunnies: Shauns California; Scarf: Suguru Photos by Marissa Marietta Just got back from a week in Mexico with most of the Italiano familia - 26 of us on my dad's side. It was glorious until I got food poisoning on the plane ride back yesterday - that was one of the worst experiences I've ever had traveling. Just wow. BUT now I have a legitimate excuse to stay in bed on a Sunday and just chill and get caught up on work. Yeeyyyy. My family and I stayed in Puerto Vallarta but one day we went to go explore Sayulita to see my Aunt's new villa. I am in LOVE with that city - so cute...
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13 Oct

Fall Accessories

Bag and boots: Elliott Lucca; Shades: Shauns; Watch: Daniel Wellington; Shirt: Majestic; Skull case: Punchcase; Eye Pin and Blah Blah Blah headband: ISLYNYC; Ring: Fascinating Diamonds. Photos by Alberte Lodahl Hello, world. Today was a rather beautiful day in New York City - my favorite Fall day thus far. I'm loving being able to wear leather everything. These new leather boots and bag from Elliott Lucca are my favorite additions - the quality is superb and black is always so easy to style. This is the perfect bag for work because it fits so much and has multiple compartments to keep this ADD girl organized. LOVE. Also I'm really into this new Daniel Wellington watch - so simple, elegant and clean. If you love Daniel...
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