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27 Apr

Chicago Diaries

But first, lemme take a museum #selfie. Me, being a ham. Meet Danielle, the middle child. She's my other favorite. Boobies. The Bean! Or Cloud Gate Park. Meet my daddio. The man behind the inspirational quotes. And the reason my expectations for men are so high.   Shirt: Brian Lichtenberg; Scarf: Johnny Was; Shoes: Ocean Minded; Bracelet: Charmed Circle; Bag: George Gina & Lucy I decided to slowly start introducing you to my family. Why? Because they are flipping awesome and I don’t know what I would do without them. Family is really the only constant we ever have until we're married and have our own little family. (God I sound so Italian.) And plus it’s my blog and I’ll write about what I want to… Last week...
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28 Feb

LONDON DAY 3- Vivienne Westwood & Paul Smith 2014

The Big Ben, spectacular architecture. This mini pond by Buckingham Palace was so simple yet so serene despite being surrounded by the plethora of tourists passing through. Buckingham Palace, so grandiose. Westminster Abbey wasn't even on my top sights to see but I am really happy to have checked it out. So much history behind it and I really loved the ornate gold detailing. The Tower of London, her majesty's royal palace and fortress right by the River Thames in central London. The line for the Crown Jewels appeared ridiculous but was totally worth it. The gems inside there are unreal. So massive and quite jaw dropping.  I managed to sneak in a quick photo of the royal scepters and was yelled at 2 seconds...
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6 Feb


Jacket: Cres E Dim Sweatshirt: Brian Lichtenberg Shirt: Leeam NYC Jeans: Naked & Famous Necklace and ring: Karen London Bracelets: Kim & Zozi and Hipanema Earrings: Miriam Salat Bag: Saint Laurent All photos taken by Zhi Wei And it has begun. Fashion Month 2014. First show to start things off was Wildfox at Pier 59 Studios. A fun, creative and rather sassy collection (how I like it) full of florals portraying a very Californian vibe. I love Wildfox because every piece is so wearable and it makes it so much easier to accomplish the "I woke up like this" look. You look cute and cuddly without looking like a try hard. I've always loved the phrases they put on their shirts, my favorite this time...
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