Hey guysssss. Happy Saturday! So happy it’s the weekend. Today’s outfit post is one of my favs because I am wearing my favorite new addition to my wardrobe, my Yves Saint Laurent jacket! And of course my orange high waisted H&M pants. I am loving all of the bright colors for Spring and Summer. It is amazing.

On a side not I also have to admit that I am extremely jealous of everyone at Coachella right now. The whole world is there enjoying sunshine and good music. I must go next year so hopefully the tickets don’t sell out in 20 minutes! Ahh. But if you are there and you have an amazing outfit email me it to be featured on here. I cannot wait to see all of the celebs outfits their stylists put together! I hope they are amazing. Coachella really is having a huge influence on style and it is spreading globally. It’s crazy that it used to be so underground a couple years ago and now it has turned the world into a music festival organza! Anyways just food for thought but have an amazing weekend!


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