Shirt: Talulah

 Skirt: Zahir 

Shoes: Patricia Pratt

Photo Credit: Session 36

Happy Monday! So this outfit is super casual and I am just really obsessed with my shoes by Patricia Pratt. They are my go-to because we all know that Meatpacking (New York) is not the easiest place to walk with the cobble stone ground. Whoever decided to put uneven cobble stone by shopping, dinner and clubs…that is just messed up. I have seen way too many girls eat it, especially at night. Stilettos are out anyways so I suggest purchasing some wedges or chunky heels for the rest of Summer and Fall. Ps. How amazing is this Great Dane? Such a boss. Unfortunately he is not mine, but I will 100% have one some day. For now I am sticking to Malti-poos, easier to transport and perfect cuddle buddies.

Anyways have an amazing week <3

xoxo Viviere Bella

Live beautifully


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