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Clothing credits from top to bottom: Veda leather jacket, Gentlefawn dress, The Row silk kimono, St. John suit, Dior suit, Vintage fur, Ryu Ryu dress, Chanel suit, Parker dress, Yves Saint Laurent jacket and What About Yves shirt. 

Hair by Andy Tseng, Make up by Kirti Tewani, Assisted by Shinny Hwang, Styled by SINN New York and me

Photographed by Zhi Wei

This editorial was shot by my favorite team in the world. It was such a fun day with my favorite creative minds. Every piece was so perfect and I am OBSESSED with this vintage fur I got from SINN. They seriously have the best selection for luxury and vintage designer pieces. SINN is a slice of heaven, trust.

 I am so extremely psyched for fashion week/month coming up that I have not stopped reading about the various countries and cultures or listening to European music. I’ve even been reading Italian to attempt to appear as a born and raised Italian local but to be honest it is a struggle to fluently speak the language, however relatively easy and entertaining to read. Grazia Italy is a great platform to read Italian although I may or may not use Google translator from time to time… I have always been a fan of Grazia Italy because it is so authentic and I love the Euro vibe. Plus there is just something about foreign things that are so enticing. Right?

So I also have some splendid news to share with you.  Zhi and I are shooting a 6 page spread for Nylon Singapore about my experiences at Fashion Week in New York and London and are going backstage to my favorite designers shows for some exclusive footage. You don’t even understand how excited I am. Bloody hell. It’s all I can think about for many reasons. One being that I have never been to London and I am obsessed with exploring new places and meeting new people. Two because fashion week is like your first day back to school where you are reunited with all your international friends and you get all giddy and elated. And finally because I cannot wait to see the new collections and hang with other creative and inspirational creative minds-the designers. So stay tuned for an insider experience and inspiration from Zhi and yours truly. Hopefully I come back with some form of accent. That would be bloody brilliant.

Inspiration of the day:

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”

-Lloyd Alexander

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

-Bob Proctor

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

-Benjamin Franklin

“When you believe and think “I can,” you activate your motivation, commitment, confidence, concentration and excitement – all of which relate directly to achievement.”

-Dr. Jerry Lynch

For Zhi and I to be working with Nylon, one of my favorite magazines, at 21 years young makes me so grateful for everyone who has given me an opportunity. I literally used to toss coins into every water fountain wishing to accomplish some of these goals and work with some of these people. (When I was younger, duh).  And for it to now be a reality is so surreal when I take time to think about it and it makes all the hard work worth it. There is still so much I want to accomplish and in the grand scheme of things I have barely put a dent into all the accomplishments I want to fulfill.

As someone genius  (Ralph Waldo Emerson) once said “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Persistence is key and you learn so much about yourself along the way. I do everyday. It’s exciting to grow as an individual. The best advice I can give you is always be kind and never take people for granted along the way. You won’t get to the top alone and if you do it’s pretty lonely I imagine. Take your friends with you. If you love what you do with the people you care about then it will feel as though you aren’t “working” a day in your life.

If you are a youngin’ or even if you are older, never stop trying to accomplish your goals to be a boss lady, or man. (#feminist) But seriously, I think the world needs more ambitious young people so have a cup of coffee and get on it. Travel for inspiration or read some inspirational books. You are surrounded by inspiration just keep an open and eager mind. Be creative. You can do it. Start your new journey or venture today.

And yes my favorite word is inspiration.


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Song of the day: “Foreign Language” by Flight Facilities