Shirt: Angry Blossom Bag: Oscar + Anna Beanie: Coal Headwear Bracelet: Ted Rossi Ring: Jenny Bird Shoes: Ocean Minded

Photos by Brian Aderer

 Just another manic Monday, wish it was Sunday… But it’s not so let’s embrace the week we have ahead of us here. Brian Aderer, Mobella’s official street style photographer, and I shot these in and around Washington Square Park, a park I always intend on visiting but don’t make the time to. You know how you imagine yourself taking a Sunday to go catch up on some reading somewhere and you think you are going to be all artsy and intellectual and go read in a park alone…Yeah it’s that type of park. The architecture and fountains and foliage are all so intricate and beautiful, it’s a must see for tourists and local New Yorkers. Definitely more enjoyable in the Spring and Summer time, but put that on your to do list…

I miss baseball shirts like this one from Angry Blossom. It’s sporty but still kinda hipster, you know? I wear this tee all the time now, it’s one of those tees that get more and more comfortable as you wash it. Great shirt for traveling as well, long sleeves are always more ideal on planes because you never know when you will have that heinous person next to you who dares to open the air conditioning knob….people these days. And these slip on shoes by Ocean Minded are another new favorite of mine. They are like Tom’s but better because the soles are designed for adventures, meaning they are super comfortable, durable and light as a feather. It’s always good to have comfortable slip on shoes for when you are in a hurry or don’t feel like getting more blisters on your feet from those boots you still haven’t worn in. (Yes, guilty.)


Song of the day: “Walk In the Park” by Beach House

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