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Dress: Free People (Day Dresses)

Blazer: H&M

Ram Ring and Coral Bracelet: Jenny Bird

Coin Bracelets: Energy Muse

Necklace: Adorn by Sarah Lewis

Sunglasses: Etnia Barcelona

Shoes: Shoe Mint

 Day 2 I went to the Palace of Versailles which is about 20 minutes outside the heart of Paris to see the decadent architecture and vast gardens along with Marie Antoinette’s old home. The amount of history behind each building in France is remarkable and makes me wish I had paid more attention in history class (just kidding history class was and is my jam, favorite subject besides English by far). Louis XIII began building the chateau in the early 1600’s and then the palace continued to go through multiple modifications through the different rulers- expanding the chateau and gardens each time. The ornate details and rich interior are breathtaking within this chateau and the art in endless. You could literally spend an entire day reading about each painting, bedroom and garden. Plus French interior decor is my favorite so I thouroughly enjoyed the chateau however it made me miss my house in California and gave me an urge to interior decorate. (My mother loves French interior decor as well, like mother like daughter. Go figure, but at least she has exquisite taste. Thanks mom!)

After Versailles, I then met some friends who came in from London at Costes which is a great restaurant within the hotel that is indoor/outdoor with heaters. Definitely one of my favorite lunch spots in Paris, beautiful ambiance and lots of fun fashion people including Roberto Cavalli’s son whom I got to meet. Really humble and great guy. This restaurant was much more friendly than the other restaurants in my opinion. (Note: do not stay in this hotel, my good friend said the rooms are closet size and the lighting is poor).

I am in love with this Free People day dress. It is so romantic and playful with the flattering cut and detailing on the sleeves. I consider it the quintessential day dress, especially for Spring. These shoes are also a new favorite of mine from Shoe Mint. They are comfortable enough to walk around in and have a little bit of height as well.

Paris, I love you.


Viviere Bella

Live beautifully