Sweater: Lanston/Jeans: Frankie B/Scarf: Ruby and Ed/Bag: Rebecca Minkoff from Bib + Tuck/Ring: Rue Gembon/Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Well the weather isn’t the best here in North Carolina, but hey there wouldn’t be this lush foliage without the rain so I can appreciate it. I am getting cultured down here in the South to say the least. Everyone is so overly nice I feel like they are just going to snap…It just really is not normal. I guess it is because the living here is easy, easy like Sunday mornings. Literally, every day feels like a Sunday morning. If you don’t believe me, visit for yourself…Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this quick trip besides spending some quality family time and relaxing but North Carolina did surprise me with their vintage and furniture shopping. We explored the largest furniture store in the US, Hickory Furniture Shop, with a whopping 5 acres with 4 floors of nothing but furniture… Any and every kind you could ever imagine, and yes they make custom pieces to order. My mom had a field day to say the least. My sisters and I ran around taking vines of ridiculous chairs made of sea shells (functional? I think not) and finding coffee shops because caffeine was a necessary to keep up with the parentals. Then we also did some solid vintage shopping at Second Fiddle and Piccolo in Downtown Belmont…I have never seen so many pieces that I have wanted in one store. It looked so small from the outside but then you walk in and you feel like Alice in Wonderland, the goodies just kept going and going and going. If I had a Uhaul with me I would have furnished a whole new apartment. But trust, this is where I will go to furnish my next apartment or house. I should really just be an interior decorator so if you need one hollaaa.

Any-who, this outfit was super cozy and comfortable for the day. The hat was necessary for the overcast weather as well as the scarf. I haven’t been a Frankie B jeans fan since 8th grade, but they are making a serious comeback with their new collection. Aren’t these ones just amazing? I love the color, fit and material. Perfection. I am also in love with Rue Gembon. Their jewelry is really easy to wear and great quality as well. Definitely browse their site if you need some new pieces or gifts. And lastly, this beautiful satchel from Bib + Tuck. If you want to get rid of some of your clothes and buy new ones, definitely check out this site. It is perfectly curated so you don’t have to rummage through tons of photos to find what you want. Love it.


 Song of the day- “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic