Dress: Lanston Shoes: H by Hudson Bag: Sseko Bracelet: Ted Rossi

Photos by Erik Dong

Hell yes it’s Friday, let’s dance babay.

As you can see I cannot stop wearing these H by Hudson boots….they just go with everything you know? Love the color and heel, closet necessity. Another Fall staple you need in your closet is a LBD. Yes little black dress. I like this Lanston dress because it’s casual enough to wear during the day time but then you can easily dress it up at night with a leather jacket or some fur. Super easy to accessorize. Lastly, this woolen clutch by Sseko is perfection. I love working with Sseko because they have an amazing mission and story behind their brand. Read more about this label from Uganda here and how they help women receive college degrees and follow their dreams. I am all about that women empowerment, duh. Another reason I love Sseko is because I know that every piece is handmade in Uganda with love and they even made the most precious thank you video for working with them… I had a moment.

Inspiration of the day:

“Have gratitude. Every day, every thing and every person is a miracle. Be thankful for it all.”

“Attract good people into your world. Be loud and proud of your decision to be positive. Start by helping others. Go where you see the other positive people going. Support them first. When you go out and give support to others, and support will flow back to you. Be true to your authentic self, follow your dreams and work towards the vision you have for your life. You can break free with a little push from the right people. When you do, you’ll see it’s so much better – and easier – than trying to go it on your own. Never give up looking for good people. Never give up on what is important to you.”

Craig Ballantyne

And yes you know my dad sent this to me, he should just start his own inspirational blog. I’d read it.

Song of the day: “The Way” by Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller