“The Green Light in Her Eyes” is an editorial inspired by the simply extraordinary and passionately beautiful novel and movie The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A fictional novel about the roaring 20’s, specifically the summer of 1922, in which the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and the love of his life Daisy Buchanan are reunited in West Egg, Long Island after being separated for five years. Daisy, already being married to another millionaire Tom Buchanan, sees Gatsby for the first time and longs to be with him, her first love whom she never stopped loving.

Gatsby had immediately fallen in love with Daisy’s aura of luxury, grace and charm before he was sent off to the war. She promised to wait for him to return, however Gatsby knew he could not return until he had acquired a lifestyle that was suitable for her. He dedicated his life to reinventing himself and achieving an extravagant lifestyle to impress Daisy in the hopes of winning her back and sharing their life together. Five years later he finally returned and purchased a gaudy mansion across the bay from which she lived and threw lavish parties every weekend in the hopes that she would stroll into one of them.

Before the two lovers were reunited Gatsby spent many nights staring at the green light at the end of her dock, across the bay from his mansion, hoping to one day rekindle their lost romance. Once they had rekindled their passionate love Daisy begins to crave him and has an affair, leaving her confused and overwhelmed.

One of the main themes of the novel is that Gatsby is longing for the “green light” which represents Daisy. In a sense they both had “green” in their eyes, hers being greed and his being Daisy. Love is blindness.


This is an editorial I creative directed, styled and modeled. I worked with an AMAZING team including photographer Chris Vongsawat, hair and make up artist Joanna McDonald and illustrator Helen Ting. As you can see I was seriously inspired by “The Great Gatsby”, these things excite me so. I created this editorial to share with the world and I am going to start creating more themed editorials while in Los Angeles this next month so keep a look out!

Wardrobe: KAS New York, Tiffany & Co, TWS, Cidenzi Mori, Rae Francis, Oscar and Anna, Juicy Couture, Lelet NY.


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This song is the most appropriate for this post, I like to keep things cohesive.

“Over the Love” by Florence + the Machine