Headpiece: Lelet NY

Pink Dress: J. Crew

Heels: Vince Camuto

Black Dress: Lush

Black Blazer: Joie

Black Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Purse: Vintage Chanel

Filmed by Erik Dong

My first video guys!!! No, not really. However it is the first one I have gotten to style and help create myself. The first fashion video I ever shot was actually back home in Malibu for a beach wear clothing company when I was 17 and I had just so happen to see Pierce Brosnan on set as in the dashing James Bond. (Ok maybe I had a crush on an older man, I don’t know what you call that but I was one of those chicks). So I thought I would be absolutely hilarious (I wish someone taped my mouth shut) and introduce myself as the following…(Don’t judge me, I was 17).

“Hello Pierce, the names Marietta, Amy Marietta.”

He chuckled. Definitely was not the first time someone had used that one on him. Definitely thought I was an immature little giddy girl. #hollywoodhoes

ANYWAYS “Smoke and Mirrors” was filmed by one of my favorite photographers/videographers Erik Dong. We shot this in Brooklyn and it was FREEZING, but definitely worth it. (He did an amazing job right?!) It was fun to style this shoot because I decided to mix flowy materials, pastels and a gorgeous crystal headpiece from Lelet NY to create a more romantic aesthetic and then for contrast I mixed a more dark, dramatic and edgy black outfit. We picked the song, “Smoke and Mirrors” by Rjd2 on location and just went with it. Really fun, I must say. I could get used to styling videos/lookbooks.

I have a serious passion for coming up with creative concepts and executing them. Filming this fashion video was intended to show the movement and details of the clothes as well as show everyone a little slice of New York. I hope you enjoy!

PS. The still photos will be shared this week so stay tuned.


Viviere Bella

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