Shirt: Paullster designed by me Pants: Ryu Ryu Red Snakeskin Cuff: Ted Rossi Shoes: Costume National

Photos by Brian Aderer from Mobella

I know what you are all thinking… where can I get this shirt because I want to wear it while I fly on my PJ… If you don’t understand my PJ reference you need some Kanye in your life. Yeezy. I designed this shirt for Paullster, an amazing online ecommerce site based in Paris, as a collaboration piece. With all these shirts such as “HOMIES” in Hermes writing or COMMES DE FUK DOWN” in Commes des Garcones writing, it is no surprise that this is what inspired me to make a shirt with Valentino writing stating “VALET MY JET.” Snobby? No. Pretentious? No. Amazing. Hell yes. Shirts are not meant to be taken literally, or maybe they are, but either way it is a cool shirt that is a great conversation starter. You may purchase away here.

Song of the day: “Gotta Have It” by Jay Z and Kanye